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Our solutions for the cannabis industry help scale operations so you not only meet demand and compliance measures but exceed them.

Strategic Data Collection for the Cannabis Industry

Medical Cannabinoid Oil in Pharmaceutical Lab

Today’s cannabis suppliers face a unique set of demanding challenges: industry compliance and mandates, harvest and shipping schedules, inventory audits, and more.

Equipping your organization with the right IT infrastructure is important to ensure you can stay ahead of operations and compliance challenges. As the industry expands and markets emerge, industry leaders must adapt to maintain their competitive edge. 

Scaling Strategically is Key 

RMS Omega’s solutions for the cannabis industry help scale operations, so you not only meet demand and compliance measures but exceed them. We work with farms, greenhouses, and suppliers to strategically implement the right technology to keep operations running smoothly. Our solutions help organizations improve data accuracy, lower operating costs, and meet compliance demands through barcode, RFID, RTLS, mobile, and wireless technology implementation.

High-Volume Cannabis Label Printing 

Whether you’re using desktop, mobile, or color label printers, you need the hardware and labels for high-volume printing. From item-level tracking tags to shipping labels, and everything in between, we have you covered. 

Inventory & Asset Accountability

Making sure that your inventory and assets are accounted for is paramount. Therefore, barcode and RFID readers are must-have IT assets for accurate inventory and running efficient audits.

Certified Supplies

Regardless of whether you use barcode or RFID labels, RMS Omega has you covered with durable, high-quality labels that allow you to stay on top of managing inventory. Furthermore, appropriate labeling and data collection help you maintain accountability and compliance. 

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Cannabis Compliant Color Label Printing

Print Vibrant Customized Labels On Demand

When it comes to cannabis-compliant label printing, growers and dispensaries need to make sure labels incorporate not only colors, pictures, and brand elements but also certain product information required by state laws. To print that amount of information and graphic detail on a relatively small label requires top-of-the-line printing technology.

Learn more about color label printing and download an infographic to see the 5 key benefits of implementing color label printing in cannabis production and distribution operations.

Learn More About Color Label Printing

Innovative Solutions for Cannabis Distribution

Our technology solutions strategically combine cutting-edge hardware, software, supplies, and services in order to enhance productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. 

Calculate How Much You Can Cut Costs With RFID

Tracking Inventory, Assets and Work in Process

Access our exclusive savings calculator and enter basic information about your operations to receive an instant, detailed breakdown of potential savings across various categories. Ready to see the savings?

Calculate your RFID savings potential across three major use-cases.

Asset Tracking – Monitor equipment usage and quickly locate lost or missing assets to reduce loss and enhance your production capabilities.

Inventory Management – Maintain accurate inventory records and track stock as it moves in, out, and around your facility. Using RFID for inventory management improves data accuracy and slashes the time and money spent on cycle counts and audits.

Workflow Tracking – Get a clear picture of your production operations to identify bottlenecks and track parts and materials throughout their lifecycle. Track critical components as they enter your plant, proceed through a workflow and ship out to a new location.

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Our Services

Our in-house professional services group is here to support you every step of the way. From project design, implementation, deployment, and training to depot repair, help desk, and on-site services.

Discovery and Design

Discovery and design services ensure that your technology investment will produce the results you need to achieve positive business outcomes.


Deployment services accelerate your technology implementation, helping you get up and running faster with device installation, configuration, and training.

Repair & Support

Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

Wireless Networking

RMS Omega provides a broad range of wireless networking services to offer a complete solution that supports your business operations.

Managed IT Services

With device management services, our support team can perform remote centralized IT administration over your mobile computers, printers, and more.

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