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Temperature Compliance Sensors & Indicators

Environmental sensors track and monitor conditions to ensure that products meet quality assurance and compliance standards.

Monitor Temperature Compliance of Sensitive Goods & ShipmentsZebra temperature sensors and tags product portfolio

Some supply chains have the added challenge of storing, packaging, and transporting environmentally-sensitive products like foods, medicines, vaccines, and other items that are affected by environmental conditions. Temperature compliance sensors and indicators are an easy-to-implement, scalable, and accurate solution for collecting, reporting, and alerting conditions like temperature, humidity, moisture, freezing, and length of time out of compliance.

Depending on the level of granularity they would like to achieve, supply chains can monitor quality and compliance through:

  • Shipment Card Indicators
  • Environment Sensitive Product Labels
  • Real-Time Bluetooth Sensors

View Infographic: Cold Chain Monitoring

Temperature Indicator Cards & Labels

Indicator cards & labels are used to report temperature conditions throughout the supply chain journey. These single-use adhesive cards and labels will be discolored or show a marking if temperature parameters are breached at any point during a shipment.

Indicator labels are a quick and easy solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging and shipping processes. They also allow receiving teams to quickly identify parts of a shipment that may have comprised quality and be unsafe for consumers without returning or losing whole pallets.

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Environment Sensitive Adhesive Labels

Environmental and temperature sensing technology can also be integrated into your existing barcode labels that are already printed for products. Specially designed labels that change color when exposed to various temperatures and moisture levels are a quick visual indicator that products have not met compliance.

Printable temperature indicators can also be reversible or non-reversible. Non-reversible tags will not change back once an environmental condition has violated the parameters for the product to remain compliant. This helps quality assurance teams quickly and easily identify non-compliant units just by looking at the product label.

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Real-Time Electronic Sensors & Bluetooth Tags

zebra wireless temperature sensors use bluetooth to transmit data to mobile devices

Electronic Bluetooth temperature sensors continually monitor compliance and record temperature data throughout the product’s journey in real time. Temperature data that is collected can be transmitted directly to mobile devices when sensors are within range of Bluetooth transmitters. This data can also be collected and stored to be verified once products reach their destination.

Electronic temperature sensors are fully programmable to ensure that products are kept between user-defined intervals.

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Relevant for These Industries

  • Food & Beverage

    The food & beverage industry requires diligence in all operations. Food safety compliance, nutritional details, and more all add pressure to your organization.

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  • Pharmacy Applications

    Pharmacy management solutions allow staff to manage and digitize all phases of the medication process through barcode data collection.

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  • Laboratory Applications

    Effective lab management creates a digitized process that simplifies workflows and eliminates errors.

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Zebra Temperature Sensing Tags & Indicators

Maintain quality assurance over temperature-sensitive shipments with Zebra’s Environmental Tags and Sensors. Zebra’s card labels and Bluetooth sensors track and monitor conditions during storage, shipping, and packaging to ensure products are compliant and safe for end users. Supply chains can leverage temperature sensing tags and indicators to:

  • Document Quality & Compliance
  • Eliminate Waste & Loss
  • Maximize Productivity
  • & More!

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