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Zebra Temperature Sensing Tags & Indicators

Track and monitor storage temperature conditions for compliance and quality assurance with Zebra temperature sensing tags and indicators.

Monitor Temperature with Zebra Indicators & Bluetooth Tags Product photo of Zebra ZS300 and ZB200 bluetooth temperature sensors tags.

Supply chains that transport pharmaceuticals, food, and other environmentally sensitive items require specific storage and handling conditions to meet compliance and quality assurance. Often, this calls for specific temperature parameters for storage, packaging, and shipping. Zebra temperature sensing tags and beacons ensure product quality and integrity by reliably monitoring and reporting environmental conditions throughout the supply chain journey.

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Types of Temperature Sensing Tags & Indicators

Zebra environmental sensing tags provide a variety of capabilities, form factors, and levels of visibility. Zebra Technologies offers both adhesive labels and electronic sensors for tracking and indicating when items breach temperature parameters.

Ready-For-Use Indicator Labels

These single-use adhesive labels reveal when items in a shipment have been exposed to certain temperature extremes that would jeopardize the product’s integrity. Temperature indicator labels reveal a marking or color change when an item goes outside of certain temperature limits. Types of indicator labels include:Heat Temperature Sensing Label

  • Heat indicators –  Visible indicators of exposure to room temperature and heat thresholds for pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • Freeze indicators – Visible indicators of exposure to freezing temperatures for medicines and cold chain products.
  • Blood temperature indicators – Nonreversible indicators that will show blood bags that have been comprised by going outside of compliant temperature limits of 6°C (42.8°F) to 10°C (50°F). Nonrevisble indicators will not change back once a temperature returns to compliant levels.
  • Shipment temperature indicators – These dual-purpose indicators mark both heat and freeze exposure during a shipment.
  • Food temperature indicators – These indicators are specifically suited to report on the freshness of packaged foods throughout their lifespan. An expiration marking will show up faster the longer they are exposed to high temperatures, and slower at low temperatures.

Printable Indicator Labels

Zebra printable indicators add an extra layer to thermal barcode label printing for asset identification. These specialty thermal labels change colors or markings to indicate when an asset has not followed compliant manufacturing or maintenance processes that would put its quality at risk.

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Wireless Bluetooth Sensors

Zebra M-300 wireless temperature sensor

Zebra’s wireless Bluetooth sensors are ideal for supply chains that require continuous location visibility and real-time monitoring. These Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) tags automate data collection and provide instant notifications about environmental data without the need for manual interference. Furthermore, these wireless sensors communicate with Zebra’s EDGEVue app or EDGECloud services for real-time alerts, reporting, and data visualization.

Additionally, the wireless temperature sensors are user-friendly, allowing for fast and simple implementation

Features of Zebra’s Wireless Temperature Sensors

Zebra BLE Temperature Sensing Tags

Maintaining Environmental Integrity

Zebra’s sensors allow data to be collected and retrieved through packaging, vehicles, and equipment. This allows for easily accessible data without exposing environmentally sensitive products.

Wireless, cloud-based data-sharing

Unlike, other available options, Zebra’s sensors can provide data reporting through mobile devices or when they are within range of Bluetooth gateways. In turn, decision-makers can be notified automatically if changes happen to temperature parameters.

Fully customizable

Users can fully control device settings – from start time, reading intervals, temperature parameters, and alarms.

Achieve Supply Chain Compliance & Quality Assurance with RMS Omega

We have over 20+ years of experience helping supply chains meet quality assurance initiatives with strategic technology solutions. Between food & beverage, cold chain logistics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, we develop tailored data collection solutions that increase visibility, accountability, and document compliance.

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Providing Quality Assurance & Compliance For These Industries

Zebra’s temperature indicators and BLE sensors offer a scaleable solution for monitoring environmental conditions that affect product quality and compliance.

  • Food & Beverage

    The food & beverage industry requires diligence in all operations. Food safety compliance, nutritional details, and more all add pressure to your organization.

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  • Laboratory Applications

    Effective lab management creates a digitized process that simplifies workflows and eliminates errors.

    Learn More :Laboratory Applications
  • Pharmacy Applications

    Pharmacy management solutions allow staff to manage and digitize all phases of the medication process through barcode data collection.

    Learn More :Pharmacy Applications

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