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Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Pinpoint the movement and location of assets, inventory, and personnel with real-time location systems.

Pinpoint Data Precision with Real-Time Location Systems

Sometimes enterprises require a greater level of precision and real-time accuracy. Real-time location systems (RTLS) provide precise data on the critical pieces of your enterprise like assets, equipment, and personnel. An RTLS utilizes tracking technology to locate tagged items and help businesses become more productive, cost-effective, and compliant

RTLS Solutions

Each location tracking solution has its own requirements for the data collected and can be tailored to the needs of each business. A retailer might use location technology to pinpoint where a product is in a store. However, a manufacturer might use it to see where and when their products are distributed throughout the value chain. Some organizations need constant updates on valuable assets while others just need to know where assets or materials are in the overall process. Ultimately, your needs and process determine the design of a location system. When choosing location hardware for data capture, it is important to evaluate the following requirements:

  • Range – Are your assets contained to a single facility or are you trying to measure distribution far and wide?
  • Accuracy – How exactly do you want your data to be regarding elements of time, speed, and signal?
  • Precision – To what degree do you need to hone in on an item’s location?
  • Determinacy – How often do you want to be notified of an asset’s location (by the second, minute, hour, etc.)

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What Goes Into An RTLS System

We provide the right mix of tags, readers, software, & services to ensure real-time tracking success.

  • UWB Tags
    UWB Tags

    Ultrawideband (UWB) tags provide high-accuracy tracking and identification for valuable enterprise assets. Industrial housing, 30cm location precision, and 3-5 year tag life make UWB tags ideal for mission-critical enterprise location systems.

  • Anchors & Readers

    Anchors act as a conduit picking up emissions from UWB tags, synching with each other, and passing the location data to the software. They also provide a high degree of accuracy and coverage with omnidirectional reading and are designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

  • Software

    The final piece of an RTLS is the software. A feature-rich RTLS software enables easy deployment, maintenance, and full control over tracking. More importantly, it serves as a central management system for your entire RTLS.

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Applications for Real Time Location Tracking Systems

The use cases for RTLS can be quite extensive. In fact, it can be beneficial for pretty much any indoor tracking application that requires a high degree of visibility. Most RTLS applications are for tracking critical enterprise activities like business processes, asset locations, equipment utilization, personnel safety, and the placement of items.

Workflow Tracking RTLS

Workflow Tracking

Monitor manufacturing and warehouse workflows with RTLS to ensure compliance and quality assurance.

Inventory Location Tracking RTLS

Inventory Location

Check items in and out of locations and keep track of inventory as it passes through zones and leaves your facility.

Equipment Utilization & Tracking RTLS

Utilization & Optimization

Monitor utilization of equipment and business assets to learn how to optimize workflows for peak efficiency.

RTLS Worker Safety

Personnel Safety

Track, ID and locate personnel in the event of safety incidents and keep employees safe in hazardous work areas.

Streamline Supply Chains with RTLS & RFID

A successful RTLS solution provides the following benefits for enterprises:

Precise Locationing

Precise locations for asset tracking and enterprise-wide visibility over inventory, personnel & processes.

Seamless Integration

Technology that fits your needs with flexibility for multiple existing and future business cases.

High Positive ROI

Maintenance and hassle-free solution that cuts business operating costs instead of adding to them.

Ensured Success

High-precision location capabilities with 5+ years of tag life and expert-backed support.

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