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RFID antennas are the link between the fixed reader and tag, providing a network for your information to flow through.

Link RFID Tags & Readers with RFID Antennas

RFID antennas are an important part of any solution that uses fixed readers. They provide the vital link between the fixed reader and tag, serving as the conduit that moves data back and forth. Antennas enable organizations to capture, move, and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

RFID Antennas in Different Environments

Antennas are the bridge in your network that connects your RFID hardware and software. RFID antennas can also survive harsh conditions including rain, dust, or high humidity, making them suitable for industries like:

RFID Antennas

Antennas offer the versatility and performance required to meet diverse environmental and application needs including but not limited to:

  • Ceilings and walls to create superior read zones around shelves
  • Doorways and checkpoints
  • Portals, outdoor gates, and conveyors
  • RF-challenging environments
  • Below-counter or above-counter RFID pad
  • POS or endcap displays
  • Indoor manufacturing environments
  • Outdoor shopping areas
  • Receiving dock doorszebra rfid antenna

Getting Started with RFID

Getting started with RFID requires a little bit more than buying a reader and slapping a tag on what you want to track. Our solutions are strategically designed for your warehouse’s requirements,
meaning we take the time to evaluate which combination of RFID tags, readers, antennas, printers, and software will work best for your application.

With over 20 years of experience working with warehousing partners, we have seen many common challenges and mishaps when implementing RFID systems. When you work with RMS Omega, you work with a dedicated Account Manager who will be your point of contact from the start. We will support you from the initial project design and through the implementation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance, optimization, and analysis of your RFID system for years to come.

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RFID Antenna Form Factors

Whether you need rugged antennas, slim, low-profile antennas, or discreet antennas with customer-facing aesthetics, we can find the right RFID antennas to fit your specific business needs.

  • Ground/Mat Antenna

    Ground antennas create checkpoints on walking paths and in doorways with their ultra-rugged and thin design that makes them easily concealable under mats. These types of antennas are best for healthcare, retail, hospitality, and real-time location solutions.

  • Low Profile

    Slim, low-profile antennas provide the same high-end performance as rugged antennas but with a sleek design for customer-facing environments.

  • Point-of-Sale Antenna

    These antennas are perfect for tracking items within a limited space with highly localized read ranges.

Explore RFID Applications By Use Case

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Explore RFID Applications By Industry

RFID In The Warehouse

RFID optimizes warehouse operations with accurate inventory management and enterprise asset tracking.

Manufacturing Processes

RFID provides reliable tracking of materials, parts, and goods throughout the manufacturing process and along the entire value chain.

Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive manufacturers can use RFID to cut operating costs, improve output, or automate processes.

Energy & Utilities

Utility companies aim to provide dependable services at the lowest cost possible. RFID technology can help utility providers deliver high-quality service while tracking high-value assets, inventory, tools, and personnel.

RFID In The Hospital  

RFID technology in the hospital can improve the tracking of critical equipment and enforce organizational compliance.

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