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Automotive Supply Chain

There are many ways RFID and RTLS can be leveraged in automotive supply chains - from tracking parts and materials, to work in process, and finished goods.

RFID and RTLS Solutions For The Automotive Parts Tracking

With the average vehicle having around 30,000 parts, automotive suppliers need efficient workflows and complete visibility over the products and materials moving through their supply chain. RFID technology is the best way to streamline data collection and increase the value of the data collected. An RFID solution uses the latest hardware and software to increase visibility over:

  • Vehicle parts/trolley tracking
  • Outbound & inbound inventory
  • E-Kanban production
  • Work in process
  • Tools and equipment
  • Final assembly and staging

Working with premier hardware and software partners, RMS Omega Technologies has helped companies like Mercedes-Benz and Bridgestone to ditch manual inventory processes and achieve enterprise-wide, real-time product visibility. 

Creating An Automated, Optimized, & Efficient Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive suppliers undoubtedly face a demanding, fast-paced industry and can’t afford to be plagued by errors and inaccuracies. For this reason, it is our mission to craft solutions with RFID and RTLS technology that help suppliers achieve greater visibility over critical operations so they can become more accurate and efficient.

Asset Tracking

Receive location data for critical parts, materials, and equipment needed for your operations. Eliminate the downtime that comes with searching for missing assets with the last known locations and real-time tracking.

Inventory Management

Accurately manage, replenish, and monitor stock levels with automatic inventory counts and inventory level notifications. Get precise visibility over part numbers, quantities, and their locations throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Process & Workflow Automation

Save time and labor by automating workflows. Automating manual tasks helps organizations eliminate errors and achieve operations that are leaner, cost-effective, and optimized.

Work in Process

Get real-time location data on parts and materials as they progress through manufacturing processes and assembly. Track parts and products as they progress through each stage and become a finished good.

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What Goes Into An RFID System

Our RFID solutions use the right mix of tags, readers, software, and services to tackle your specific challenges.

  • Tags & Supplies

    Tags, labels, and inlays are the fundamental building block of any RFID solution. Between passive or active, a range of frequencies, label specsand environmental conditions there is a lot to evaluate when finding the right label.

  • Handheld Readers

    Gun-style, rugged handheld readers and good for read-intensive tasks in the warehouse and other industrial environments where a large quantity of tag data needs to be collected in a timeefficient manner.

  • Antennas

    Antennas provide the vital link between the fixed reader and tag, serving as the conduit that moves data back and forth. 

  • RFID Portals in Warehouse
    Fixed Readers & Portals

    With fixed RFID readers and checkpoints, you can quickly and accurately track large volumes of RFID-tagged cases, pallets, and items. They are ideal for use in high-density tag environments, high throughput applications, and on RF-challenging materials.

  • Printers & Encoders

    RFID printers give you the ability to identify, track, manage, and optimize, assets and inventory. Encoding (or printing) on RFID tags is the first step to having a successful RFID system.

  • RFID Software

    RMS Omega has partnerships with a variety of software vendors, allowing us to find the right inventory control or check-in/ check-out software for your application. RFID software provides a central database for monitoring inventory levels, location, and movement.

Benefits of RFID & RTLS for Automotive Suppliers

Industry Infographic

Whether it be tracking individual parts, tools, or completed vehicles, implementing solutions like RFID & RTLS throughout the automotive manufacturing process provides more visibility, improved operations, and increased efficiency. Learn more about how our RFID & RTLS solutions can but leveraged by automakers to improve visibility throughout the manufacturing process in areas like:

  1. Outbound & Inbound Inventory
  2. Vehicle Staging & Assembly
  3. Parts/Tools Tracking
  4. Vehicle Tracking

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A Complete Solution From Design To Support

Every facility and business process has its own unique challenges. That is why RMS Omega takes a hands-on approach in managing RFID and RTLS implementations. Our process starts with understanding your unique challenges, needs, and goals – helping us create a solution that delivers positive outcomes for your business. Ultimately, we want to ensure that you receive a technology solution that exceeds your expectations and delivers a positive ROI. Our six-step process ensures just that.

Discovery & Design

Our trained systems & sales engineers will evaluate your work environment to determine the best plan of action for strategic technology implementation to solve challenges and achieve both short and long-term goals.

Project Management

RMS Omega has an internal team of solutions experts to oversee the successful design and implementation of complex and technical projects. We will monitor the project from the start and make sure everything is completed within an established timeline.

Statement of Work

The statement of work is a document that will map out our plan for implementation. This includes both hardware and software along with a description of processes after the system is complete. You will also receive a timeline for each phase of the project.


During deployment, we collaborate with your team to bring the proposed plan to fruition. Deploying each strategy often includes network design and implementation, staging and configuration of hardware, data integration, and staff training. Each of these necessary steps will ensure your team can hit the ground running once your system is live.

Analysis & Optimization

In an Analysis and Optimization, or A&O, we want to ensure your system is functioning the way it was intended. This is a process designed to optimize and enhance the performance of wireless coverage or system functionality throughout your facility and processes. An A&O is performed to identify and correct poor signals or reads along with incorrectly installed or underperforming hardware.

On-going Support

We are here to be an extension of your team, one point of contact for all of your data collection and RFID technology solution needs. To assist your organization in reaching new levels of productivity, you need a true partner, not just a vendor. That’s why we believe our support services are essential.

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