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Wireless Networking

RMS Omega’s team of professionals provides a host of wireless services and infrastructure to make sure your network is optimized and running efficiently.

Wireless Networking Configured for Optimal Performance Wireless Networking Optimization

RMS Omega’s Technical Services team has many years of experience designing, deploying, and supporting wireless networks. Our team also knows that different environments and facilities require different solutions. Even when problems arise, they are determined to find a wireless networking solution that makes your system work to its full potential.

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Successful Wireless Networking Starts with a Site Survey

Several environmental challenges can impact wireless network coverage. Common factors such as walls, poles, temperature, or metals can cause network disruptions or dead zones. Fortunately, a wireless site survey will identify the factors in your work environment that could have an effect on continuous wireless coverage.

To ensure your network provides optimal coverage, our technicians will do a thorough walkthrough to assess network strength. RMS Omega’s Technical Services team will help establish WLAN design parameters for a new wireless network and characterize existing network performance to accommodate expansion or upgrade initiatives. Our team will also visit your facility with specialized analysis hardware and software to ensure the network will be installed and configured to achieve the best results.

After the site survey, our team will create a plan on how to design your network for the best results. Furthermore, we can offer a range of services including optimization, training, and troubleshooting- to support you post-install.

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Professional Wireless Networking

Our Technical Services team offers the following professional wireless services to make sure your network is designed, deployed, and operating properly.

  • Wireless Site Surveys

    A wireless site survey will identify the factors in your work environment that could have an effect on continuous wireless coverage.

  • Wireless Installation & Training Services

    RMS Omega offers training and installation services for real-time wireless solutions. We will install your wireless system, equipment, and software, and then train your staff how to use it efficiently.

  • Wireless Analysis & Optimization Services

    An Analysis and Optimization, or A&O, is a process that can optimize and enhance wireless coverage throughout your facility.

  • Network Design

    In a network design, RMS Omega’s radio frequency (RF) technicians take measurements and readings of your facility using a sophisticated software application to determine optimal location placements for access points.

  • Cabling

    Your wireless access points have to be connected to a switch (or a hub) which is then connected to the Ethernet network. Both connections to and from the switch are hard, wired connections.

  • Help Desk Support

    Our service team will back your wireless investment with help desk support and troubleshooting if any issues arise.

Explore our Wireless Networking Services

Wireless network infrastructure is critical to any data collection and transmission solutions. RMS Omega and our networking partners provide a host of wireless services to help you reduce costs and increase productivity. From state-of-the-art site surveys to sophisticated installations, we have the capabilities to successfully manage wireless projects of any scale.

Our Wireless Solutions

  • Wireless site surveys
  • Network design
  • WLAN installation
  • Network Analysis & Optimization
  • Cabling
  • Troubleshooting

Explore our Wirless Networking Services



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Let RMS Omega be your first point of contact and get peace of mind with our help desk support services. RMS Omega’s experienced technicians will provide you with the support you need when you need it most.

For support, repairs, or on-site service, please fill out a service request form.

Service & Support

Maintain Peace of Mind with an RMS Signature Service Plan

Keep your operations running smoothly with an RMS Signature Service Plan and eliminate the time-consuming frustration often associated with traditional tech support processes. With RMS service, you can supplement standard warranty coverage to ensure you experience minimal disruptions to your technology and workflows.

RMS Omega offers support plans and bundled packages for technical device support, setup and configuration, remote management, and printer repair. With RMS Signature Service Plans, we’re here to be your first point of contact and make sure you get the help you need when you need it. Our most popular packaged services include technical support, device configuration, remote device management, printer repair services, and wireless infrastructure services.

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Round Out Your Wireless Network

Hardware, Software & Support

We support every wireless networking project with the right hardware, software, and services to ensure a reliable high-performing network.

  • high performance access points
    Access Points

    Access points play a critical role in connecting IT assets to your network. Find the right access point to create a secure & productive enterprise-class network. 

  • Wireless network switches

    Wireless network switches connect APs and other IT on your network for better device communication and information exchange. Choose from entry, mid, and high-level options for your network deployment.

  • Controllers

    Centrally manage and analyze information from your access points with wireless network controllers. Controllers are your single pane of glass for network management. 

  • cloud based network management solutions
    Cloud Networking Solutions

    Cloud-based network management automates and simplifies the operation and deployment of both wired and wireless networks.

  • Technology deployment services
    Wireless Networking Services

    RMS Omega’s team of professionals provides a host of wireless services and infrastructure to make sure your network is optimized and running efficiently.

  • Onsite discovery and design services
    Network Discovery & Design

    Before making an investment in equipment or software, it’s important to evaluate the goals, pain points, and environmental layout involved in every project.

Our Services

Our in-house professional services group is here to support you every step of the way. From project design, implementation, deployment, and training to depot repair, help desk, and on-site services.

Discovery and Design

Discovery and design services ensure that your technology investment will produce the results you need to achieve positive business outcomes.


Deployment services accelerate your technology implementation, helping you get up and running faster with device installation, configuration, and training.

Repair & Support

Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

Wireless Networking

RMS Omega provides a broad range of wireless networking services to offer a complete solution that supports your business operations.

Managed IT Services

With device management services, our support team can perform remote centralized IT administration over your mobile computers, printers, and more.

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