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Warehousing & Distribution

Data collection and workflow automation solutions for warehouse and distribution centers. Barcode, RFID, wireless, voice, and mobile warehouse technology.

Optimized Operations for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Warehouse and Distribution Centers shoulder a lot of responsibility for excellent supply chain performance. Large volumes of products move in and out of these facilities daily, which requires a data collection solution that ensures inventory accuracy and allows workflows to be executed efficiently.Warehouse dock door inventory

With automated data collection solutions designed for the warehouse, facilities can manage and track inventory in real time, reduce time spent on routine tasks, eliminate errors, and improve workflow accuracy and productivity. Barcode, RFID, wireless, voice, and mobile technologies from RMS Omega help warehouses optimize mission-critical tasks like:

  • Receiving & Shipping
  • Order Picking & Fulfillment
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Audits & Cycle Counts
  • Mobile Data Collection

Using a Strategic Data Collection Solution Warehouse worker scan gun

Data collection in the warehouse is simplified with the right combination of hardware, software, supplies, and services. These solutions are strategically designed to help each warehouse and distribution center improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. 

  • Inventory Management- Accurately manage and monitor stock levels with automatic inventory counts. Get precise visibility over part numbers, quantities, and their locations throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility. 
  • Asset Tracking- Receive location data for critical tools and equipment needed for your operations. Eliminate the downtime that comes with searching for missing assets with last known locations and real-time tracking.  
  • Process & Workflow Automation – Save time and labor by automating workflows. Automating manual tasks helps organizations eliminate error and achieve operations that are leaner and more optimized.  
  • Voice Automation- Simplify picking, packing, and maintenance workflows. Voice-enabled applications reduce error, boost productivity, and create hands-free easily, adopted processes for your team.
  • Workforce Communication – Connect teams with secure text, voice, video, and push-to-talk communication and integrate with your enterprise PBX.
  • Device Modernization- Already have barcoding equipment? Make sure your team is operating at peak productivity by trading in old legacy devices for faster, more secure, Android-based mobile computers.  

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Productivity Solutions for Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Our technology solutions strategically combine cutting-edge hardware, software, supplies, and services in order to enhance productivity and improve outcomes for their customers. 

  • RFID Tracking

    RMS Omega's RFID Pros help companies design, deploy, manage and service RFID technology solutions that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

    Learn More :RFID Tracking
  • Inventory Management

    Make asset and inventory management easier with tailored data collection solutions that improve visibility and data accuracy.

    Learn More :Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking

    Automated asset tracking and location solutions create a chain of custody over critical fixed, shared, and moving assets.

    Learn More :Asset Tracking
  • Unified Workforce Communication

    Securely collaborate and unify teams with push-to-talk, text, voice communications, and more.

    Learn More :Unified Workforce Communication
  • Device Modernization

    Out-dated devices are holding your operation back. Upgrade telnet apps and legacy mobile computing to modern, secure & intuitive Android OS.

    Learn More :Device Modernization
  • Voice Automation

    Warehouses and distribution centers use voice automation to increase safety, optimize fulfillment, and eliminate picking errors and inefficiencies.

    Learn More :Voice Automation

See How Your Warehouse Operations Stack Up

This Five Phase Framework Helps Identify & Prioritize Your Business Challenges

The Warehouse Maturity Model is a five-phased framework that outlines how to overcome key industry challenges through different technology solutions – beginning with basic barcode data entry and accelerating to real-time data and intelligent automation.

Phase 1 – Digitize data collection with barcodes and mobile computing.

Phase 2 – Handle higher volume with wearable technologies and voice-assisted workflows.

Phase 3 – Automate data capture for key activities like inventory, asset tracking, and work in process.

Phase 4 – Obtain advanced operational visibility with real-time visibility and location.

Phase 5 – Create an automated data collection network that achieves predictive and adaptive operations.

RMS Omega Technologies has been helping warehouses and distribution centers modernize over the last 20+ years with strategic barcode, RFID, RTLS, wireless, and mobile technology. Not only do we lend industry expertise, but a complete solution with hardware, software, supplies, and support.

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