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Voice Automation

Execute timely order fulfillment, accurate data collection, and shorter training times with voice automation.

Voice Directed Workflows voice automated workflows for warehouse picking

Voice automation is used to speech-enable critical workflows inside the four walls and in remote field service applications. Voice-assisted and voice-directed workflows streamline manual tasks -improving worker accuracy and productivity. Ultimately, voice-enabling workflows can eliminate manual data entry – increasing productivity by 10-50% for each worker and boosting fulfillment accuracy to 99.99%. Furthermore, voice automation eliminates training time by 50% for growing or seasonal fulfillment operations.

RMS Omega’s voice-enabled solutions are device-agnostic and require no changes to back-end systems, making it a plug-and-play solution. Voice automation is the perfect technology for addressing challenges like labor shortages, multilingual workforces, spikes in demand, seasonal fulfillment, picking errors, and more. Voice solutions deliver increased productivity and efficiency in the following areas:

  • Order picking
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Inventory Audits 
  • Replenishment
  • Maintenance & Repair

Eliminate Errors and Automate Processes
Voice Automation

Voice automation technology. Female worker with headset and wearable mobile computer.

Voice solutions can be implemented in one of two ways, device-based or server-based. Device-based solutions don’t require a server to voice-enable applications and they integrate with an organization’s existing WMS and devices. As a result, this method of voice-enabling is more affordable and offers a “plug-and-play” solution with faster ROI and a lower TCO. The range of benefits of voice technology will be apparent immediately, including:

  • Reduced errors using voice-activated data entry instead of manual inputs.
  • Increased safety and ergonomics with hands-free, eyes-free picking. 
  • Streamlined workflows; e.g. being able to execute picking while listening to the order instead of waiting to read the screen, then putting down the mobile device in order to pick the item.
  • A decrease in network traffic as voice communication passes from one mobile device to another without going through the server

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Headsets

    Headsets allow audio prompts and data inputs to be given. Headsets connect your mobile computers which host voice automation software via a Bluetooth or corded connection.

  • Wearable Mobile Computing

    Wearable mobile computers allow your workforce to be truly hands-free, making voice automation more intuitive and effective. Furthermore, voice automation software will run directly off of these devices.

  • Voice Automation Software

    Voice automation software can integrate with your existing mobile technology to speech-enable workflows. In turn, mobile workflows are simplified with voice-directed guidance and data inputs -no need for manual data entry.

Voice Automation - Speech to Productivity Solutions

Voice automation technology delivers a hands-free, eyes-free solution for improving workflows like picking and fulfillment in the DC and maintenance and repair operations out in the field. Voice-enabling applications can be done for any enterprise looking to improve the productivity of its mobile workforce while eliminating critical errors. Furthermore, it is an ideal solution for enterprises that experience seasonal fluctuations in labor or demand.

As a result of voice automation, you can expect to see workflows that are simplified and more efficient, while errors are reduced with 99.9% accuracy rates. Additionally, the ramp rate for new and seasonal staff can be cut in half- delivering an ROI to most clients within 12 months.

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Multi-Model & Voice Directed Picking

Enhance Speed & Accuracy In the Warehouse

Streamline Processes

Complete orders faster with connected mobile devices and voice-directed picking. Warehouse workers can navigate your facility quicker with voice direction, finding the best route to an item, then providing on-the-spot verification and picking confirmation.

Decrease Training Time

Get new workers up and running faster with an intuitive user experience, and easy-to-follow audio directions. Combine the ease of using Android Enterprise OS with voice-enabled applications with multi-lingual support – all from your enterprise devices.

Picking Accuracy

Voice-guided instructions and data input modes simplify tasks for improved speed and accuracy. Multi-modal speech-directed wearable solutions boast accuracy rates of up to 99.8% when combining voice-directed picking with simple hands-free scanning.

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