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Public Safety

Rugged devices provide fast and reliable performance and execution of tasks for first responders out in the field.

Solving Public Safety Challenges with Rugged Mobile Computing

The ability to respond quickly and reliably with focus, dedication, and precision is essential for our public safety officials. Whether it’s law enforcement, EMS, or fire departments, there are inefficiencies in the current means of data collection and reporting among emergency personnel.

Having purpose-built technology can ultimately help our first responders by enabling better data collection and reporting while digitizing processes. This removes cumbersome tasks, enabling public safety officials to focus more time on providing invaluable services to our communities.

Reliable Connection and Communication


A mobile device’s ability to maintain a secure, reliable, wireless connection is paramount. Rugged enterprise devices come with advanced capabilities that enable personnel to access back-end applications while in the field. Using rugged devices for incident response also allows responders to quickly and accurately input critical information on the spot that can be reliably accessed by dispatch and in the field. Adding voice automation to your rugged mobile devices can make critical data entry more efficient and intuitive.


Real-time information and collaboration are critical for first responders. Significant emergency events often require collaboration between different departments and agencies. As a result, first responders need reliable mobile solutions for clear communication. Mobile computers and communications software provide channels for transmitting important information quickly and securely to those who need it.

Solutions For All Government Areas

Law Enforcement & First Responders

public safety - firefighters use enterprise tablet to undertand task

Cutting-edge technology enables public safety officials to accurately track personnel and equipment, manage assets in real-time, issue electronic tickets, and perform local look-ups and remote searches. Using mobile technology and printing solutions allows law enforcement and first responders to respond better to events as they unfold.

Federal Civilian Agencies

Federal civilian agencies face challenges in fulfilling mission requirements, routinely doing more with fewer resources. Innovative mobile technology helps agencies capture data, track assets, and monitor personnel. This allows agencies to create more accurate inventory, improve service delivery, and lower costs.

State & Local Government

Citizens expect prompt and effective delivery of government services from their state and local agencies. New technology innovations help provide state and local governments with the latest in mobile computing and real-time tracking.

Military & DoD

Tracking assets is essential for all organizations, especially in military and defense. From bases to remote locations, military departments can utilize technology solutions to track vital equipment and supplies and enhance an organization’s visibility.

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Productivity Solutions for Public Safety

Our technology solutions strategically combine cutting-edge hardware, software, supplies, and services in order to enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

Maximizing Effectiveness with Mobile Technology

Mobile computing technology can help public sector employees to execute tasks more effectively, be more productive, reduce time spent on paperwork, and do their jobs better by digitizing critical tasks. Deploying rugged mobile technology in the field can transform the way information is collected, accessed, and exchanged, turning it into useful intelligence. Mobile technology simplifies:

  • E-Citations: Mobile computers and printers enable citations to be issued quicker while simultaneously eliminating the need to fill out paperwork.
  • Asset & Inventory Management: The number of assets that government departments must track on any given day can be mind-boggling. Mobile technology can simplify the process and create a digital chain of custody.
  • Operational Maintenance: Providing field teams with real-time access to assignments, work tickets, voice calls, electronic forms, route guidance, and scanning applications can improve efficiency, services, and productivity.

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