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Unified Workforce Communication

Modern mobile workforces require the tools for secure team communication and collaboration.

Modern Mobile Workforce Communication & Collaboration

Logistics delivery driver using workforce communication software off of a Zebra tablet.

The modern mobile workforce not only needs access to business-critical applications but unified communication and collaborative tools. A unified workforce communication solution provides secure text, call, push-to-talk, and video communication functionality all from your enterprise mobile devices. In turn, mobile workers can consolidate everything they need for collaboration and communication into one device.

Securely Collect, Exchange & Collaborate Data with Your Team

Workforce communication tools are essential for workers in facility maintenance, field service, manufacturing, healthcare personnel, transportation and logistics, and many more industries. By combining unified communication software with enterprise mobile computers you can provide your workforce with multimedia messaging functionality. As a result, errors and miscommunications are avoided, teams are unified, and enterprise data is secured. Many unified communications applications are feature-rich with functionality like:

  • Push-to talk.
  • Group messaging.
  • Call, voicemail, and call forwarding.
  • UX metrics & reporting.
  • User presence, contacts, and favorites.
  • PBX integration and device compatibility.

Build a Unified Communication Solution

With unified communication software and enterprise handhelds, organizations can communicate and execute mission-critical tasks faster and more efficiently. Workforce communications are ideal for delivery, maintenance and repair, troubleshooting, on-site surveys, and other remote manual workflows.

RMS Omega is a total solutions provider for barcode, RFID, wireless, and mobile technologies. Our premier-level industry partnerships allow us to support device management systems with the right hardware, software, supplies, and services. Furthermore, we can help guide you in the selection of the right technology, level of automation, and scope of your system so you receive the best results.

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Mobile Handhelds

    Access unified communications platforms right from your enterprise mobile handhelds to provide text, call, push-to-talk, and more multimedia messaging functionality. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with your teams while keeping enterprise data secure.

  • Workforce Communication Software

    Take your team’s communication and collaboration to the next level with the latest unified communications software. Integrate voice, text, push-to-talk, and other messaging features onto your existing mobile devices, delivering added functionality to mobile workers.

  • Managed IT Services

    Our device management services are a centralized and efficient way of managing your enterprise IT – saving you time, money, and IT bandwidth. Leverage our team’s personnel and expertise for remote centralized IT administration for mobile computers, printers, and more.

Featured Software: Honeywell Smart Talk

Honeywell Smart Talk is a true voice-enabled unified workforce communications application for the Supply Chain environment that tackles the problem of fragmented communications. Users receive enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, and user presence. Smart Talk can be added to most types of mobile devices workers already carry. Device-enabled employees are always connected and able to access critical information from company headquarters and operational dispatch while out on the road making deliveries.

Learn More About Smart Talk

Honeywell Smart Talk Infographic

Secure, Integrated Team Communications

Securely collect, exchange, and collaborate over enterprise data with text, call, push-to-talk, group messaging, and more. Improve the speed and efficiency of your remote workforce all with unified communications software and your existing enterprise devices.


Fast to deploy with reduced implementation costs.


Advanced enterprise security to safeguard information and data.


Device agnostic; scalable across operations and existing hardware.


Seamless roaming and audio quality for a superior call experience.

Some of Our Supply Chain Customers

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