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We have +20 years of expertise in barcode, RFID, wireless, and mobile data collection technology integration.

Our Data Collection Technology Expertise

RMS Omega leverages a network of industry partnerships and 20+ years of data collection technology expertise to provide solutions that help you achieve your specific business goals.

Our knowledge base ranges over multiple types of technologies, industries, applications, and manufacturers. When you work with RMS Omega, we leverage this expertise to give you everything you need from a single source, saving you time and costs from piecing a solution together from multiple vendors.

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Data Collection Technology & Methods

There are many ways to go about collecting, exchanging, and analyzing your business data. That’s why we provide a host of different technology offerings to cater to different degrees of data visibility, accuracy, and business goals. The three main technology types for integrated data collection and tracking include barcode, radio frequency identification (RFID), and real-time location systems (RTLS). Each of these comes with its own unique benefits, use cases, and degrees of automation.

Barcode barcode data collection

Barcode systems have stood the test of time as the starting block for automating the collection, aggregation, and exchange of business data. Furthermore, barcode technology is a feasible and cost-effective way to start gathering information on your products, parts, and inventory. These systems often include:

  • Labels & tags.
  • Printers or pre-printed labels.
  • Barcode scanners and/or mobile computers.
  • Data collection software.

More About Barcode

RFID RFID data collection

RFID systems are becoming a more commonplace method for automating data collection and tracking inventory or assets. They also have inherent advantages over barcodes – like the no direct line of site scanning needed, less human intervention, and the ability to store more data on a single tag. Oftentimes, these systems can require adequate testing and services to ensure success. However, once they are effectively implemented they provide amazing returns on ROI. These systems often include:

  • RFID labels & tags.
  • Printers or pre-printed tags.
  • Fixed or mobile readers.
  • RFID software.
  • System design and support services.

More About RFID

RTLS rtls data collection

RTLS can utilize active RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, or Ultrawideband technology. These systems provide an even higher degree of automation since location data is constantly being emitted from tags and does not require any manual interaction. Furthermore, RTLS provides a higher precision of data with pinpoint inventory location and movement tracking. These systems often include

  • Active tags.
  • Anchors or readers.
  • RTLS software.
  • Tailored services and support.

More About RTLS

Learn More About Us

RMS Omega leverages decades of expertise and premier-level partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers to create customer-focused solutions that improve data accuracy, lower operating costs, and meet new compliance demands. Learn more about who we are and what we do!


We have +20 years of expertise in barcode, RFID, wireless, and mobile data collection technology integration.

Why RMS?

We pride ourselves on offering best-in-class hardware, software, supplies, and services to give you a complete technology solution.

Strategic Partners

Our extensive partner network enables us to provide unparalleled quality and flexibility for technology implementation projects.


We are always looking to grow our team with customer-oriented technology enthusiasts that are eager to solve challenges.


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Our Expertise

Tracking, Data Collection, & Automation with RFID, Barcode, Mobile, & Wireless Technology

RMS Omega offers a vast portfolio of technology and professional services, including RFID, barcode, data collection, wireless infrastructure, enterprise mobility applications, voice automation, location technology, and more, throughout the United States and Canada. From the initial consultation to post-implementation optimization, we have the necessary resources and expertise to design, deploy, manage, and provide ongoing service for all of our customers. With RMS Omega, organizations become empowered with the oversight and peace of mind that their data, inventory, assets, and people are always at the right place at the right time.

Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing

    Automate data collection and tracking processes throughout your plant, warehouse and supply chain to monitor important assets, inventory, processes, and people.

    Learn More :Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics

    Transportation and Logistics require the right technology to promote end-to-end visibility, process automation, and fulfillment accuracy.

    Learn More :Transportation & Logistics
  • Warehousing & Distribution

    Error-free, automated data collection for warehouse inventory management, asset tracking, order picking, and more.

    Learn More :Warehousing & Distribution
  • Healthcare

    RMS Omega partners with healthcare organizations to implement strategic technology solutions through the use of barcode and RFID data collection, mobile and wireless technologies.

    Learn More :Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities

    The latest mobile technology is built to withstand the challenges of the energy & utility industry while expanding access to critical data.

    Learn More :Energy & Utilities
  • Field Service

    Having the right technology for field service data collection is vital for delivering exceptional maintenance response and customer satisfaction.

    Learn More :Field Service

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Say

Browse By Data Collection Solution

  • Asset Tracking

    Automated asset tracking and location solutions create a chain of custody over critical fixed, shared, and moving assets.

    Learn More :Asset Tracking
  • Check In/Out

    Check in/ check out systems create an automated chain of custody over equipment, assets, and inventory. Helping companies avoid loss and enhance visibility.

    Learn More :Check In/Out
  • Inventory Management

    Make asset and inventory management easier with tailored data collection solutions that improve visibility and data accuracy.

    Learn More :Inventory Management
  • Location Tracking & Visibility

    The location of your most important assets and inventory is critical information. A technological tracking solution provides you with the most accurate location information on all items that are tagged and scanned.

    Learn More :Location Tracking & Visibility
  • Work In Process

    Data collection technologies help manufacturing operations achieve better visibility and accountability over work in process.

    Learn More :Work In Process
  • Voice Automation

    Warehouses and distribution centers use voice automation to increase safety, optimize fulfillment, and eliminate picking errors and inefficiencies.

    Learn More :Voice Automation

Our Services

Our in-house professional services group is here to support you every step of the way. From project design, implementation, deployment, and training to depot repair, help desk, and on-site services.

Discovery and Design

Discovery and design services ensure that your technology investment will produce the results you need to achieve positive business outcomes.


Deployment services accelerate your technology implementation, helping you get up and running faster with device installation, configuration, and training.

Repair & Support

Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

Wireless Networking

RMS Omega provides a broad range of wireless networking services to offer a complete solution that supports your business operations.

Managed IT Services

With device management services, our support team can perform remote centralized IT administration over your mobile computers, printers, and more.

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