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Facility Maintenance Systems

Digitized service requests, work orders, and preventative maintenance schedules.

Manage and Maintain your Facility & Assets

Facility maintenance systems ensure that equipment and assets are in the best condition possible. Deploying a robust maintenance system can extend the life of your assets, prevent costly downtime, improve productivity, and decrease maintenance costs over time. Giving your maintenance team advanced mobile computing technology empowers them to provide support more effectively.

gas & electric worker with enterprise tablet

A maintenance solution allows your team to organize and monitor daily routines and provides accurate, up-to-date information for responding to an emergency. You can also use the data to support long-term planning for operations, annual maintenance schedules, deployment of personnel, and budgeting for replacement equipment, consumables, and maintenance supplies.

Facility Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

A CMMS helps manage the intricacies of facility maintenance with a suite of features. Full-service CMMS enables your operation to monitor and asses:

  • Service requests, work orders, and assignments.
  • Purchase orders and approvals.
  • Tracking and analysis of maintenance costs.
  • Preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Asset location and inventory.
  • Lifecycle replacement alerts.

Facility Maintenance Management Hardware

Your maintenance team requires the best mobile computing technology coupled with a CMMS to ensure that they are as effective as possible. You want confidence that your devices are built to withstand whatever environment your maintenance team will encounter.

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Mobile Computers

    Enterprise handhelds offer the very latest in mobile computing technology to support your workforce – equipped with a rugged design, powerful processing, long battery life, and memory to support the most demanding applications.

  • Mobile Printers

    Mobile label printers, combined with wireless technology, enable on-the-spot label printing in almost any environment. Printing on-site helps increase employee productivity and accuracy.

  • gas & electric worker with enterprise tablet
    Maintenance Software

    Implementing a maintenance management system will have a significant impact on the cost of maintenance. MA CMMS is part of the total maintenance solution, providing a complete maintenance management system that’s easy to understand, and quick to deploy.

Benefits of a Facility Maintenance Solution

Keep tabs on work orders, upcoming maintenance, costs, assets, and more.


Streamline work orders for more efficient workforce deployment with digitized service requests, work orders, and preventative maintenance schedules. When breakdowns occur, your maintenance team can efficiently and effectively respond, reducing costly downtimes.

Long-Term Results

An effective maintenance program extends the life of your company’s assets with a preventative plan designed to decrease maintenance and repair costs in the long term. Customized reports for maintenance and asset management can inform your strategic, operational, and financial plans.


A maintenance system is able to track and analyze maintenance expenses in order to identify cost-cutting measures. Additionally, maintenance software can help plan out replacement expenses and make sure that the lifespan of current assets and equipment is optimized.

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