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Automation technology for the automotive supply chain. Improved data collection and product visibility solutions for automotive suppliers.

Automating the Automotive Supply Chain

part visibility in the automotive supply chain

With the average vehicle having around 30,000 parts, automotive suppliers need efficient workflows and complete visibility over the products and materials moving through their supply chain.

Furthermore, with high consumer demand, part shortages, and productivity challenges, there is no shortage of disruptions that can impact operations. RMS Omega has over 20 years of industry experience and is committed to helping automotive suppliers improve data collection and visibility over:

  • Parts and materials 
  • Outbound and inbound inventory 
  • Work in process
  • Tools and equipment 
  • Assembly and staging 

Create an Automated, Optimized, and Efficient Automotive Supply Chain 

Automotive suppliers face a demanding, fast-paced industry and can’t afford to be plagued by errors and inaccuracies. automotive supply chain manufacturingFor this reason, it is our mission to craft solutions that help suppliers achieve their goals and build more accurate and efficient operations.

Whether you’re ditching manual inventory or looking to achieve enterprise-wide product visibility, we design solutions to fit your needs.

Enhance Visibility & Accuracy

Automate inventory counts and eliminate errors during shipping and receiving with a passive RFID system. Or receive real-time asset locations with active RFID, providing you with complete visibility and insight into your supply chain.

Modernize Operations

Already have barcoding equipment? Make sure your team is operating at peak productivity by trading in old legacy devices for faster, more secure, Android-based mobile computers. Optimize workflows and productivity with voice-directed workflows and wearable technology.

Improve Data Collection

Eliminate manual data entry from your operations with a tailored barcode or RFID system from RMS Omega’s industry experts and leading scanners, printers, and mobile computers from premier manufacturing partners.

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Productivity Solutions for Automotive Supply Chains

Our technology solutions combine the right mix of hardware, software, supplies, and services and are strategically designed to help your supply chain improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

  • Location Tracking & Visibility

    The location of your most important assets and inventory is critical information. A technological tracking solution provides you with the most accurate location information on all items that are tagged and scanned.

    Learn More :Location Tracking & Visibility
  • Work In Process

    Data collection technologies help manufacturing operations achieve better visibility and accountability over work in process.

    Learn More :Work In Process
  • Check In/Out

    Check in/ check out systems create an automated chain of custody over equipment, assets, and inventory. Helping companies avoid loss and enhance visibility.

    Learn More :Check In/Out
  • Asset Tracking

    Automated asset tracking and location solutions create a chain of custody over critical fixed, shared, and moving assets.

    Learn More :Asset Tracking
  • Device Modernization

    Out-dated devices are holding your operation back. Upgrade telnet apps and legacy mobile computing to modern, secure & intuitive Android OS.

    Learn More :Device Modernization
  • RFID Tracking

    RMS Omega's RFID Pros help companies design, deploy, manage and service RFID technology solutions that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

    Learn More :RFID Tracking

Automate The Automotive Supply Chain with RFID

RFID technology automates data collection over automotive supply chain processes – giving more visibility to work-in-process, parts and materials inventory, and asset locations. Using RFID technology, all your manufacturing tasks can be simplified, lowering costs and time while increasing productivity and accuracy in your operation.

Learn More About Using RFID For Automotive Parts Tracking

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Solving the Biggest Challenges in the Automotive Supply Chain

Automated, Efficient, & Optimized Operations

With approximately 30,000 parts to manufacture, ship, and track across the globe, we understand that automotive supply chains can become complex. Every supplier needs to ensure the right quality, quantity, and timely delivery of parts. There is no room for costly inefficiencies like lack of product visibility, shipment errors, and using outdated data collection technology. You need to make sure the right part gets to the correct location every time.

Automotive suppliers who use the most up-to-date automation solutions have seen an ROI in about 12-18 months, some even sooner! Return is seen due to reduced employee downtime, maximized inventory control, and streamlined operations in terms of product traceability, shipping, receiving, and more.

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Our Services

Our in-house professional services group is here to support you every step of the way. From project design, implementation, deployment, and training to depot repair, help desk, and on-site services.

Discovery and Design

Discovery and design services ensure that your technology investment will produce the results you need to achieve positive business outcomes.


Deployment services accelerate your technology implementation, helping you get up and running faster with device installation, configuration, and training.

Repair & Support

Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

Wireless Networking

RMS Omega provides a broad range of wireless networking services to offer a complete solution that supports your business operations.

Managed IT Services

With device management services, our support team can perform remote centralized IT administration over your mobile computers, printers, and more.

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