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Wristbands used for Attractions, Events and Healthcare

Thermal Wristbands

Use a thermal wristband and print information and barcodes directly on the band. Whether for patient ID, or access control at events or amusement parks, use a thermal wristband that’s durable, affordable and comfortable to wear.

Direct Thermal Printable Wristbands

  • Zband wristbands

    Zebra Z-Band Thermal Wristbands

    Download the Datasheet for Z-Band Fun & Z-Band Splash Wristbands

    Zebra’s next generation of Z-Band Direct Wristbands feature:

    • A pressure-sensitive adhesive tab closure for securement – Tamper resistant.
    • Six color options for color coding – The 1″ adult wristbands are available with red, blue, green, yellow, pink or orange stripes.
    • Increased durability – Superior image durability and tensile strength.
    • A lower price due to improved manufacturing efficiencies.
    • A patent-pending antimicrobial coating.
    • Several size options:
      • Adult: 1′ x 11′ and 0.75″ x 11″
      • Pediatric: 1″ x 7″
      • Infant: 1″ x 6″

    zband plain wristbandsPrint Healthcare Wristbands

    Zebra’s Z-Band thermal wristbands allow you to print patient information and barcodes directly on the wristbands.

    • Determined MR-Safe by an independent MRI testing company
    • Feature a silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband
    • Scannable up to 14 days, promoting quality patient care and safety
    • Quick and easy to print and fasten using an adhesive tab or color clip

    Z-band Fun wristbandsPrint Admission & Event Wristbands

    Enable cashless point-of-sale and access management with print-on-demand barcoded wristbands. The Zebra HC100 printer and direct thermal Z-Band® Fun or Z-Band® Splash wristbands can:

    • Reduce ticket fraud; revenue losses associated with theft and counterfeits
    • Improve transaction speeds
    • Enhance each guest’s experience with barcode scanning
    • Lower total cost of ownership with increased convenience and rewards

    Zebra’s thermal printers and direct-print Z-Band wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of environments and require minimal IT support.

    • Wristband can be immediately secured to the patient or patron as there is no assembly required.
    • The small foot-print of Zebra’s thermal desktop printers allows them to fit into crowded nurses stations, WOW’s (workstations-on-wheels) and attraction ticket booths and counters.
    • Zebra’s HC100 Patient ID solution is easy to use.  Simply pop the wristband cartridge into the printer and you are ready to print – the printer automatically calibrates for wristband size and optimal print quality.
    • The reliable nature of thermal printers insures maximum up-time and minimal IT service calls.
  • Datamax-O'Neil Safe-D-Bands

    Download the Datasheet

    SafeD-Band direct thermal wristbands are the perfect solution for your patient identification and patron management applications.

    With a durable latex-free polypropylene face stock and polyethylene liner, SafeD-Band wristbands provide unmatched image quality and durability.

    Datamax-O’Neil SafeD-Band medical patient wristbands are designed to provide strength, durability, comfort and unmatched image quality. Using the latest in ultra-light synthetic materials and state of the art coatings, SafeD-Band wristbands provide an easy, one-step, print and apply identification solution.

    You can rest assured that your SafeD-Bands will provide the quality image and bar code scannability you expect. Utilizing direct thermal print technology, Datamax-O’Neil SafeD-Bands can print a host of barcode symbologies including two dimensional Aztec codes. SafeD-Bands are a perfect complement to protect the five-rights of patient safety in a health care environment, while providing an opportunity for cashless transactions in the patron management field.

    Available Sizes:

    • Adult Wristband  (1″ x 11″)
    • Pediatric Wristband  (1″ x 7″)
    • Neo-natal Wristband  (0.75″ x 6″)
  • Intermec INband Wristbands

    Download the Datasheet

    From infants to adults, Intermec INband wristbands provide positive patient identification. Highly durable printed information resists hand sanitizers, moisture, and other common exposures. An easy-to-apply, reliable adhesive closure with tamper-evident features simplify application, and the soft skin contact surface ensures optimum patient comfort.

    • Positive patient identification that helps reduce medical errors
    • High image durability – designed to survive typical exposures in healthcare environment
    • Ultra-soft skin contact surface ensures patient comfort
    • Antimicrobial coating for maximum safety
    • Simple, reliable adhesive closure
    • Stock products for quick availability

    Learn more about Intermec Medical Wristbands.

UHF RFID Wristbands

  • Zebra UHF RFID Wristbands

    These custom direct thermal 1-day wristbands for Hospitality and 7-14 day wristbands for Healthcare are available in adhesive and clip closure.  They feature a SMARTRAC Trap 4E inlay and can be custom printed with your logo.

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