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Designing your Wireless Network – The Importance of a Good Network Design

In a network design, RMS Omega’s radio frequency (RF) technicians take measurements and readings of your facility using a sophisticated software application to determine optimal location placements for access points.

With the right amount of access points in the right places, your wireless connection should be at its strongest.  Several factors may impact a wireless network’s coverage such as walls, poles, temperature or metals.  Our RF technicians know how to work around the obstacles and place your access points in the best locations. Every facility is different which is what makes the initial network design so important.

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RMS Omega offers the following professional wireless infrastructure services…

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Why work with RMS Omega?

RMS Omega’s RF Engineers have many years of experience in the wireless business. That is what differentiates RMS from the competition. They are aware that different environments require different solutions and that every facility is unique. Even when problems arise, they are determined to find a solution and make your wireless system work to its full potential.