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RMS Omega & Zebra Technologies are dedicated to helping Hello Fresh increase order fulfillment accuracy and speed with data collection solutions.

Revolutionize Warehouse Operations at HelloFresh

Solving Challenges at HelloFresh with the right technology pallet of produce scanned by worker in cold storage at hellofresh

RMS Omega and Zebra Technologies have partnered for over 20 years to help warehouse and distribution companies like HelloFresh reach new levels of accuracy and productivity.

For HelloFresh, we understand that delivering easy-to-follow recipes with fresh, high-quality ingredients on a global scale is an ambitious and challenging mission.

The right customers must receive the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time. Our technology can help become pick-perfect and resolve costly issues.

Up to 70% of a picker’s time can be spent walking with legacy pick-and-fill processes. Inefficient picking operations cause inaccuracies, out-of-stock, lost orders, disappointed customers, and lost revenue.

To execute this mission, it is critical to invest in the right solutions to support accurate, fast, and efficient warehouse operations, including:

  • Wearable Devices & Heads-Up Displays
  • Voice Guided Picking
  • Modernized Devices
  • Unified Workforce Communication
  • Bluetooth Temperature Sending
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Rugged Industrial Scanners
    Barcode Scanners

    Rugged barcode scanners are purpose-built for industrial, retail, and healthcare environments, with durable design and Bluetooth and cable connections for communicating data back to your host system. 

  • Mobile Handhelds

    Enterprise mobile handhelds provide added computing functionality and the ability for your workforce to input data and access enterprise applications. Using the latest Android Enterprise devices will allow you to run all the applications you need for fast and efficient operations. 

  • RFID Technology

    RFID readers, antennas, printers, portals, and supplies bring an added level of automation for inventory, asset tracking, and other data capture solutions. Create a digitized and automated chain of custody for tracking, monitoring, and recording inventory and assets. 

  • Label Printers

    Thermal transfer, direct thermal, mobile, and stationary printers provide a wide variety for your labeling applications. Our experts will help identify the right printer and attachments for your operations. 

  • Printing Supplies & Tags

    Reliable and high-quality labels ensure proper data collection. We source a variety of label types, materials, and sizes that will work with your application. 

  • Software Applications

    RMS Omega has partnerships with a variety of software vendors, allowing us to find the right software for your specific application, budget, and business goals.

Improve Food Delivery & Fulfillment with RMS Omega

Today the DTC meal kit industry faces an influx of new competitors, growing operating costs, and high customer churn. All of which makes this once-promising new frontier a more competitive industry to excel in.

After all, your customers expect more than food. They expect accuracy and speed from every order. That’s why RMS Omega works with you in optimizing inventory management, picking accuracy, and asset tracking with technology solutions, services, and support.

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