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The Mobility Revolution – Setting Opportunities in Motion

What is the Mobility Revolution?

The mobility revolution is here!  It presents an opportunity to take advantage of a transformation in mobile enterprise technology. The mobility revolution offers major business benefits and with the right approach, will result in increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

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Changes to the Mobile Workforce

The driving force behind the Workforce Mobility Revolution is the convergence of a number of key technology changes:

  • Modern rugged handheld devices have become just as intuitive as consumer-grade devices.
  • Incredibly advanced functionality within user-friendly hardware and software is removing inefficient workflows and boosting productivity.
  • A broader choice of mobile operating systems is emerging, as consumer-focused industry giants such as Android mature into genuine enterprise-ready platforms.
  • Perhaps the biggest change is the end of support for the existing Windows mobile OS – relied upon for some $5 billion of enterprise application investments worldwide. Organizations running Windows-based rugged devices today will need to find an alternative OS—and upgrade to new devices—before Microsoft support ends in 2020.

Gains from the Workforce Mobility Revolution

Companies who embrace the workforce mobility revolution will see drastic improvements. Changes will open up new markets and drive economic growth across operations in industries including manufacturing, retail, transport/logistics, and healthcare. Organizations that are agile and innovative will have the technological means to provide improved value across the board in speed, quality, and pricing. Other gains include:

  • Productivity – from the use of advanced operating systems, devices, and purpose-built software applications that speed up workflows
  • Efficiency – via processes that eliminate waste or complexity
  • Accuracy – with advanced data collection capabilities that reduce soft and hard costs associated with errors

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