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Zone 1 – RFID Portals & Checkpoints

Get all the resources you need on our RFID portal solution, featuring RFID software by CYBRA!

RFID Portals & Checkpoints

Integrated RFID portals and checkpoints automate data collection as items pass through dock doors, conveyors, zones, and more. Our passive RFID solution integrates with your WMS to improve data accuracy and visibility over inventory, assets, and work-in-process movements. Keep scrolling for more resources!

  • Integrated RFID Portals
  • Edgefinity IoT – Real-Time RFID Tracking Software
  • EdgeMicro – RFID Starter Solution
  • MarkMagic – Label Software Solution

Integrated RFID Portal Solution Overview

Integrated RFID Portals empower companies with the visibility to monitor inventory movements, control costs, and optimize workflows with fast, reliable, highly automated updates when tagged items pass through a portal.

What is Edgefinity IoT Software?

Asset Tracking | Inventory Management | Personnel Monitoring

One software platform. Many solutions. Whether you need to track large amounts of inventory, locate misplaced equipment, or ensure the safety of your employees, Edgefinity IoT lets you quickly deploy advanced, industrial-strength RFID and RTLS capabilities without costly custom programming.

Edgefinity IoT

Real-Time RFID Tracking Across The Supply Chain

  • Distribution & Warehouse

    Optimize warehouse operations with accurate and automated inventory verification during shipping, receiving, picking, and putaway.

  • Manufacturing & Production

    Reliably track materials, parts, assets, and goods throughout the manufacturing process and along the entire value chain.

  • Retail

    Keep track of your store inventory from dock door to sales floor with easy-to-use RFID tracking of pallets, cases, or individual items.

Pilot Small-Scale RFID Deployments with EdgeMicro

RFID Starter Software

EdgeMicro RFID software allows you to get started with a scalable RFID tracking system at minimal cost and effort. This entry-level software is easy to use, easy to implement, and brings immediate results to your operation with benefits like:

  • Low-cost barrier for RFID capabilities.
  • Rapid deployment that doesn’t require custom work or quoting.
  • Proof of concept software solution that can be scaled with operations.
EdgeMicro Starter RFID Software


Label Design Software

MarkMagic barcode labeling software combines true report writing, label and forms design, barcode labeling, and an enterprise-class print processing engine in one integrated product.

  • WMS & ERP Friendly
  • Form & Label Designer
  • Covert & Edit Printer Code
  • Supports Over 600 Barcode & RFID Printers