Foxfire WMS – Warehouse Management Software Overview

Foxfire WMS systems provide immediate real time information to floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management so they may efficiently operate their facility and meet delivery and production goals at lower costs. All Foxfire WMS systems interface with client information systems like ERP and MRP, and material handling equipment (MHE) technologies to provide more timely and accurate information.

Level 1: Inventory Management System

Level 2: WMS Express

Level 3: WMS Enterprise

RMS Omega works with Foxfire to provide the latest in mobile computing, barcoding, and RFID technology in warehouse and distribution centers.
Watch a 3-minute overview of Foxfire WMS:

Download a brochure: Foxfire Enterprise WMS Brochure.

Why use a WMS Software System?

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are integral parts of the supply chain, controlling the movement and storage of materials and inventory while posting asset accounting transactions in real-time, thus increasing inventory accuracy (99%).
  • WMS provides significant reduction in order fulfillment cost and reduction in chargebacks.
  • WMS utilizes Auto ID and Data Capture — including barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs, and RFID technology to efficiently monitor the flow of inventory.
  • WMS provides users with stem-to-stern operational control over corporate logistic, with near absolute accuracy, greatly enhances the ability to ship on-time while complying with required electronic shipment notifications (ASN, EDI, TMS).
  • Easy to learn and simple to use Windows applications with Graphical User Interfaces puts WMS into mainstream operations of the DC with minimal training and installation time.