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Using the right WLAN access points will ensure security and performance without wasting time on constant troubleshooting.

Organizations large and small can select from a wireless access point series to connect with ports that have special features, such as mesh networking, versatile radio coverage, and instant deployment. Keep the lines of communication open within your local area network, get a WLAN access point, and allow your business to add devices that access the network with minimal cables.

RMS Omega can work with your business to select, deploy and manage the right wireless infrastructure for your work environment.

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Modular Access Points

A modular access point framework can provide your wireless LAN with ever-expanding possibilities to support new capabilities, easily and cost-effectively. For example, cameras could be added for use in video analytics or CCTV solutions, without requiring Ethernet cable or clogging the wireless spectrum with video backhaul. Nascent technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee could be rolled out as needed with ease.

The modular access points mentioned below offer dual radios plus two modular USB ports, each modular access point can provide up to four different functions: client access and around-the-clock intrusion sensing on the dual integrated radios, plus two additional functions via plug-in modules providing unprecedented value.

  • AP Modular Access Point 8132

    AP 8232 802.11ac Wireless Access Point

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    Deliver A New Level of Bandwidth, Performance and Flexibility.

    Today’s workers use more mobile devices than ever to stay connected to the people and information they need to maintain tight schedules and superior job performance. The AP 8232 access point is designed to accommodate the growing demands of mobile users, and the increased bandwidth their mobile applications, video calls and data applications require.

    The AP 8232’s next generation 1.3 Gbps 802.11ac radio delivers fifth-generation Wi-Fi at desktop speeds — nearly four times the speed of 802.11n — while its 802.11n radio ensures backward compatibility with every mobile device in use today. A modular design adds to its versatility, supporting a wide range of additional capabilities through plug and play modules, from 3G/4G/LTE redundant backhaul to intrusion protection.

  • AP Modular Access Point 8132

    AP 8132 Modular 802.11n Wireless Access Point

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    One Access Point with Infinite Possibilities.

    The AP 8132 is the industry’s first modular wireless LAN access point whose innovative design lets you simply snap on modules to extend functionality beyond that of traditional access points. Users can now roll-out high quality, high bandwidth hardware-based applications while reducing deployment and installation costs. With the AP 8132’s standard USB interface, the device supports a broad range of applications from a wide variety of developers. Its modular design meets evolving needs, making it an ideal future-ready platform.


  • AP 8x32 Modules Wireless Access Points

    AP 8x32 Modules

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    Wireless Connectivity, Security, and Complete Control with Modular Ease.

    The modular architecture of Motorola Solutions AP 8×32 provides extraordinary flexibility, with two expansion ports that allow the easy addition of functionality whenever it’s needed. Since all modules are truly plug-and-play, adding new capabilities couldn’t be easier: add and swap this family of modules as a business grows and its needs change. Modules can add around the clock intrusion protection, 4G wireless connectivity, environmental sensing, and video support.

    24/7 security and protection.

    The Radio Sensor Module enables users to deploy the AP 8132 and AP 8232 with simultaneous client access on two radios of the access points, while offering 24/7 AirDefense security coverage on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands.

    Saves power, saves money.

    The Environmental Sensor Module allows customers to monitor environmental factors of a location and use the data to control business systems, giving customers the ability to keep the network running at full performance during business hours while reducing power to the radios during off business hours. Light sensing can cut power usage in a site by putting APs in a low power mode when the site is closed.

Dual Radio Access Points

  • AP 7532 antenna wireless

    AP 7532 Access Point

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    Get maximum 802.11ac speed at an affordable price point. Now you can deliver dependable blazing desktop-style wireless speed to all your users on all their devices and all their applications with the AP 7532 access point. You get a comprehensive feature set, 3X3 MIMO and high-powered radios that mean you’ll need fewer access points, driving costs down even further. And with its sleek, understated look, the internal antenna version of the AP 7532 is at home anywhere in your environment — including customer-facing public spaces.

  • AP 6532 / AP 650 Access Point

    Download the Datasheet for AP6532Download the Datasheet for AP650

    The performance-focused dual radio 802.11n AP 6532/AP 650 access point provides customers with higher throughput and dual-radio performance while benefiting from WiNG 5 intelligence at the edge. This versatile AP leverages Zebra’s 802.11n band-unlocked radios, allowing IT to use the second radio to provide WiFi access or serve as a dedicated wireless sensor that scans both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands for network assurance and security The access point will also continue to run if its connection to a local or remote controller is interrupted. The AP 6532/AP 650 can serve as a virtual controller and coordinate the operation of up to 24 neighboring access points for mobility and QOS services.

Harsh Environments: Outdoor MESH Access Points

  • Outdoor wireless access point

    AP 8163 Access Point

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    Unmatched Bandwidth for Unmatched Network and Application Performance.


    Extend your wireless LAN (WLAN) outdoors with the AP 8163, the rugged access point that is purpose built to enable the easy extension of robust wireless connectivity to workers in outdoor spaces. On the outside is a housing designed to handle virtually any weather condition. On the inside, three radios give you the power and flexibility to cost-effectively handle today’s bandwidth-heavy applications and secure your data.

  • Rugged Outdoor access point

    AP 7161 Access Point

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    Reliably extend your network outdoors with the rugged WiNG 5 enabled AP 7161.

    Perfect for extending network coverage to outside areas, the AP 7161 brings the latest 802.11n 3×3 MIMO tri-radio design together with the rugged outdoor performance. True perimeter security is provided using either a dedicated dual-band sensor or software mode for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver 24×7 rogue detection and termination. The AP 7161 is optimized with WiNG 5 intelligence at the edge extending QoS, security, and mobility services to the access point so you get better capacity and performance. The AP 7161 is ideal for industrial , enterprise campus, video surveillance, public safety, and smartgrid utility deployments to extend to the outdoors.

  • low cost outdoor access point

    AP 6562 Access Point

    Designed for extending Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor areas, the AP 6562 provides a cost-effective means of supporting the most demanding wireless applications and large number of wireless devices. Ideal for distribution centers, hospitality, retail, and education campuses, the AP 6562 can handle the increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and bandwidth-heavy applications connecting to your wireless network.

    Full 802.11n performance with standard 802.3at
    Simplifies and reduces total cost of installation using standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

    Mobility supports fast secure roaming
    Security This unique multi-purpose device can execute and enforce the IDS/IPS security policies configured in the Zebra wireless switch, and can also be utilized as a 24×7 dedicated sensor for Wireless IPS with AirDefense Services Platform

    Mesh networking
    Patented Mesh Networking–MeshConnex™ allows wireless extension of existing wired or wireless networks in remote or outdoor locations, eliminates running expensive cables to every AP outdoors

    Outdoor IP67 rated, Polymeric Corrosion Resistant Enclosure
    Designed to withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures