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Entry Level Warehouse Management

Foxfire’s Inventory Management System uses wireless networks, mobile computers (handheld scanners) and barcoding to track inventory throughout its entire lifecycle.

Designed to help small businesses by installing the basics of a real-time system, Foxfire’s Inventory Management System can be easily set up in a few weeks, and is fully upgradable and expand-able to Foxfire’s Enterprise level Warehouse Management System.

Inventory Management System Benefits:

  • Complete real-time inventory visibility utilizing barcoding and wireless networking
  • 100% transactional-level audit trail on all inventory transactions
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels achieved by real-time order visibility and reduction in errors
  • Reduced capital and operating costs resulting from optimized warehouse space

Foxfire Inventory Pro Screen ShotThe Foxfire Inventory Management System is user-friendly and ideal for small companies that primarily need to track inventory. Customers are able to complete the following functions:

  • Create Inventory
  • Create & Manage Inventory Locations
  • Create Barcodes for all Inventory and Locations
  • Use Wireless Networks and Mobile Computers
  • Use Mobile Computer to Move & Consume Inventory
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Conduct Cycle Counting
  • Use Mobile Computer to do Physical Inventory
  • Use Complete, Built-in Reporting Engine
  • Create User-Defined Reports
  • Export Reports to Excel

Foxfire Inventory Pro: Easy To Use Inventory Management Software

  • Foxfire Inventory Pro

    Download the Datasheet

    A web-based inventory management software for Windows Mobile on rugged devices or on iPad/iPhones/Android mobile devices.

    Foxfire’s Inventory Pro enables companies to set up a basic, real-time, barcoded web-based inventory management system. With wireless networks, mobile computers (handheld scanners), and barcoding, clients can easily track inventory throughout its entire lifecycle.

    In any business, it is important to know what stock you have on hand and where it is located. With Foxfire Inventory Pro, you see your inventory and its location in real time, using WIFI networks or cellular networks. You can view your complete inventory at one time or view it by location from any mobile computer or smart phone. You can also view the history of items you’ve received and create purchase orders, sending them right from the main interface.

    • Create Inventory and Locations
    • Create and Receive POs for Inventory
    • Serialized or Non-Serialized Inventory
    • Generate Barcodes for Inventory and Locations
    • Manage Inventory and Locations
    • Utilize WIFI Networks Or Cellular Networks and Mobile Computers for Real Time Adjustments
    • Utilize ActiveSync Batch Computing for Batch Transactions and Store and Forward
    • Move, Issue, Cycle Count, and Perform Physical Inventory using Mobile Computers
    • Pick, Pack, and Ship Functions
    • Create Reports using Built-In Report Engine
    • Create User-Defined Reports
    • Export Reports to Excel
    • Host with Foxfire or run on your own MS SQL Server

    Foxfire Inventory Pro includes:

    • Server: Microsoft SQL Server Database; hosted by Foxfire or deployed on premise on client servers
    • Clients:
      1. PC Client: It is the Foxfire Inventory Pro PC user interface and it is completely web based (no code to install on client PCs).
      2. Mobile Client A: It is the Inventory Pro Mobile Client for Windows Mobile rugged mobile computing devices.
      3. Mobile Client B: It is the Inventory Pro Mobile Client for consumer based devices like iPhone, iPad, Android.

    Foxfire Inventory Pro is designed to handle all types of communication between the mobile devices and the server:

    • Batch through Microsoft ActiveSync (best option if no Wi-Fi or cellular are available)
    • Real time through cellular
    • Real time through WIFI
  • Foxfire Inventory Pro Software Web Technology

    Foxfire Inventory Pro is web-based inventory management software. It does not need to be installed on client PCs. The master system resides permanently on your server (or on Foxfire’s servers if we host the application for you), and the installation procedure consists only of receiving an access username/password. The user simply types the URL (web address) of the system to gain access to the login screen. This provides minimal overhead in deploying the application to a user community. Updates to the system are only applied to the server, and visits to client PCs are never required. The mobile computing platform has multiple options and can be accessed via Windows Mobile devices, Apple iOS devices, Android devices or any other device with a webkit-enabled mobile browser platform.

    The server can be hosted by Foxfire or run locally by the customer or a third party. Foxfire uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform.

  • Key Financial Benefits of an Inventory Control Software

    • Complete inventory / asset visibility, utilizing barcoding, wireless networking, cellular coverage or batch processing (offline)
    • 100% transactional level audit trail on all inventory movements
    • Improved inventory accuracy
    • Improved customer satisfaction levels
    • Reduction in errors
    • Reduced capital and operating costs, achieved by optimizing storage space
    • Help with theft and loss prevention

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