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Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence is a cloud-based software application that tracks and manages Honeywell mobile computers, printers, and scanners.  The intelligence platform provides a unified interface for real-time analysis of devices across an entire organization to optimize workflow, minimize downtime, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Additionally, the platform will ensure that all devices used by employees are ready to perform to expectations, reducing the chance of technical difficulties causing any work delay. Honeywell’s all-in-one platform allows organizations to:

Honeywell Operational Intelligence

  • Manage alerts
  • Track and manage returns and service-level agreements
  • Locate lost or missing devices
  • Detect drops and damage to mobile devices
  • Analyze the performance of different assets
  • Monitor and analyze battery levels and usage
  • Manage spare devices, scanners, and printers

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The Benefits of Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence boasts the ability to handle a wide range of tasks from one centralized platform. Honeywell’s cloud-based solution gives the organization the power to track, manage, standardize, and optimize its fleet of IT assets like mobile computers, printers, and scanners.

Capture and Analyze your Device Inventory

Often times mobile devices are misplaced or even stolen. With Operational Intelligence, management has the ability to track what areas devices go to. They can also track whether or not devices are returned. Additionally, the platform keeps an eye on whether a device’s battery is going bad or not properly charging. Operational Intelligence allows organizations to promote accountability since management will be able to see who was using a specific asset when it was damaged.

Manage Devices From One Location

One central dashboard on Honeywell’s platform allows managers to analyze the health and utilization of IT assets. Furthermore, managers gain a clear picture of return and repair workflows through RMA and SLA management. Additionally, operational intelligence allows IT personnel to remotely update OS, security software, and firmware, as well as troubleshoot issues and test real-time configuration updates.

Standardize IT For Accurate Metrics

Users can view device health and utilization metrics from one unified dashboard and can be proactive when it comes to managing their organization’s IT. Above all, Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence transforms big data across organizations into recommendations for action. As a result, organizations can avoid unnecessary spending on more equipment and fully analyze the performance of the equipment they do have.

Optimize Workflows & IT Assets

Optimize the workflow of IT assets and identify the optimal number of devices for your organization. Intelligent reporting allows decision-makers to easily pinpoint the right amount of spare inventory needed, as well as where IT assets need to be distributed.

In addition to optimizing IT assets, organizations will be able to improve workflows with Operational Intelligence. Honeywell’s platform allows you to monitor, compare, and score your workforce through device usage and productivity. As a result, managers can easily identify improvement areas and monitor performance.

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Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence is designed to give organizations a better way to manage and streamline processes for IT assets. Through intelligent monitoring of device performance and health, the platform can help reduce costly and unnecessary returns as well as capital expenditures on new and spare devices. Organizations will be able to pinpoint the right number of devices and also where they need to be deployed by measuring utilization and workflows.

Achieve complete clarity and insight on IT assets with Honeywell Operational Intelligence.

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