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Mid-sized distribution operations in various industries select Foxfire Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Enterprise because it is flexible, scalable, and fits their warehousing needs. Foxfire is a niche, best-of-breed provider focused on the customers experience. With Foxfire WMS Enterprise, product functionality includes:

Dashboard: Intuitive, web-based dashboard quickly gives a real-time management-level summary of the warehouse operation to see areas performing well and those that need attention.

Receiving: Place a unique barcode label on the inventory to receive a partial or full shipment with just a few clicks.

Putaway: After stock is received, use business rules to find an open location for putaway and allowing the receiving team to scan the pallet to this location.

Allocation: Using Foxfire WMS, quickly search across the warehouse to see if stock exists to fill an order, taking seconds instead of hours.

Picking: Seamlessly organize shipments with highly-visible color coding. Use a handheld to scan a UPC code and box. Pick multiple orders at once if desired.

Shipping: Print manifests, bills of lading, customer-specific shipping documentation with a simple mouse click.

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WMS Enterprise: Product Features

  • Foxfire WMS Enterprise

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    Highly configurable and customizable, WMS Enterprise is designed to meet your organization’s specific needs based on a full business process review. Clients who choose WMS Enterprise have a mid to large-scale operation with complex warehouse functions. These clients also utilize additional Foxfire WMS features such as:

    • Integration with ERP and existing shipping/ manifest systems
    • Serialization, multiple allocate rules, and multiple wave processes for complex business rules
    • Labeling at your manufacturing plants or at the receiving dock
    • Material handling & inventory management
    • Cycle counting and reduced cycle times
    • Floor-ready merchandise preparation
    • Wave management
    • Conveyor PLC interfacing
    • Auto in-line scanning and weighing
    • Detailed audit log
    • Team/individual efficiency assessment via a dashboard
    • Verified case packing
    • Directed loading and shipping

    Delivering measurable results, Foxfire WMS Enterprise is a best-of-breed warehouse solution for businesses looking to:

    • Increase labor productivity and order fulfillment rates
    • Improve inventory accuracy to near 100%
    • Reduce costs and cycle times
    • Automate warehouse processes
    • Gain a competitive advantage
    • Virtually eliminate shipping errors
    • Improve ROI
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Foxfire’s warehouse management software is available as a service via the internet for one monthly fee. Deployment of a new warehouse management solution typically requires upfront investments including WMS software licenses, annual support contracts, and professional services to set up and integrate with other key business systems.

  • Interface with Existing Business Systems

    Foxfire WMS systems can interface with client information systems like ERP and MRP, and material handling equipment (MHE) technologies provide more timely and accurate information. Foxfire utilizes the latest in mobile computing, barcoding, and RFID technology to deliver world class solutions.

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