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Optimize Your Operations With Ivanti

Add Voice to Your Existing Enterprise Applications

Ivanti has a range of voice applications that deliver reduced operational costs through increased productivity, accuracy, and safety. Ivanti’s Speakeasy is a suite of products that are specifically created to allow organizations to add voice capability to mobile devices quickly and easily. Unlike other voice applications, Speakeasy is a client-side solution that can voice-enable without modifying host-applications or adding middleware.

Ivanti Speakeasy Improves Productivity by At Least 10%

Voice enabling existing applications has been proven to deliver 99% accuracy and at the least, a 10% improvement in productivity to warehouse applications such as data-entry, picking, receiving, cycle counting, shipping, and processing. Voice also dramatically improves safety by allowing workers to work in a hands-free and eyes-free environment. You can now extend voice beyond traditional applications like voice-picking and improve business processes outside the four walls, like mobile inspections, field services, and yard management. Furthermore, voice applications allow you to quickly onboard new workers and reduce time spent on training. industrial applications voice

Empower Your IT Department

With Speakeasy, you can empower your IT department to both quickly and easily add voice support to existing terminal emulation applications; no new server, modification, or replacement of the host application is required. With monitoring and diagnostics tools in the TE client interface, users can quickly and easily optimize Speakeasy for any hardware or environment. It even takes into account a user’s environment, personal pronunciation patterns, their dialect, and any background noise. Speakeasy truly is providing a significant return in accuracy and productivity with little to no training.

Obtain Quick ROI without Changing Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Enabling voice is both easy and cost-effective. With Speakeasy you don’t need to abandon the investments you’ve already made. You’re enhancing their value. And, Speakeasy works with your existing enterprise systems including WMS, ERP, etc., as well as mobile apps. Some advantages to these features include:

  • Voice-enabling in 30 days or less
  • Optimizing you data collection
  • Reducing the time it takes to train new personnel

Enabling voice is both easy and effective. And, the only thing faster than an ROI with Speakeasy is the speed of implementation.

Download the datasheet below to learn more about Speakeasy by Ivanti

Watch a video to see how one supply chain implemented Ivanti Speakeasy, formerly Wavelink, with their WMS to increase picking productivity.


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    Ivanti Speakeasy Software

    Download the Datasheet

    The benefits of Voice technology to your enterprise are endless, and with Speakeasy™, you no longer have to worry about a time consuming and cost-prohibitive implementation. Speakeasy delivers low-cost, high-quality integration of client-side, voice-driven data collection into existing host connectivity applications.

    Speakeasy allows you to voice-enable common tasks such as warehouse picking in 30 days or less.

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