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Savant WMS SoftwareManage and track the movement of inventory from receiving through shipping with Savant WMS.

The Savant WMS dramatically cuts warehouse costs by eliminating paper work and costly shipping errors, improving staff productivity, and providing accurate inventory levels to all inter-company departments.

Unlike many systems which require you to alter your successful business operations to accommodate the deficiencies of the software, the Savant Warehouse Management System was programmed from the ground up to provide optimal flexibility and conformance to your warehouse environment. The system has tools that enable the Savant WMS customer to quickly change existing reports and labels or to add new ones with minimal expense.
At the heart of the Savant Warehouse Management System is a robust client/server architecture based on the Windows operating environment. The use of client/server technology provides a gateway for growth unsurpassed by traditional, legacy systems. As your warehouse needs change, the Savant WMS will adapt and provide a solid migration path.

  • Affordable, Licensed-Based Pricing Structure – Easily add more users as your company grows. 0% financing options available.
  • ERP Integrations – Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics (AX, NAV, GP, SL), Acumatica, Lawson, Syspro, Synaro, MoveX as well as many legacy systems.
  • Customizable – Flexible system that can be configured based on your unique business processes.
  • Modular Design -Easily add functionality by turning on additional modules as your needs evolve.
  • Single Code Set – Eliminate rip and replace scenarios-simply enter in a new license key to upgrade to a full WMS.
  • Hardware Agnostic – Works with mobile barcode scanning devices from Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic and many others.

WMS Mobile Handheld Device WarehouseFeatures of Savant WMS:

  • Features Found in Savant ADC Software – When a WMS is too much.
  • Capture Code Date Information at Receipt for Use in Product Rotation
  • Capture of Weights (Catchweights)
  • Advanced Directed Put-Away Methodologies
  • Unlimited Number of Storage Levels per Product
  • Code Date Tracking
  • ABC Classification
  • Automatic Replenishment of Picking Locations
  • Automatic Replenishments Based on Order Demand and/or Min/Max Quantity
  • Multiple Inventory Allocation Rules
  • Wave Picking
  • Verification of Catchweights at Picking
  • Verification of Code Dates at Picking
  • Recall Reporting by Product

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