RMS Omega

HardwareWearable Computers

Reduce Worker Error & Boost Productivity.

Keep workers’ hands and eyes on the task at hand with wearable mobile computers and barcode ring scanners. Wearable mobile computers provide workers with hands-free efficiency.

Use wearable mobile computers with voice technology for fast and effective picking in the warehouse.

The benefits of installing voice technology will be apparent immediately, including:

  • Reduced errors using voice activated data entry instead of manual
  • Increased safety as workers do not have to hold a device or keep looking up and down at a keypad or screen
  • Streamlined workflow; e.g. being able to execute picking while listening to the order instead of waiting to read the screen, then putting down the mobile device in order to pick the item
  • Decrease in network traffic as voice communication passes from one mobile device to another without going through the server

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