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HardwareWireless Network Infrastructure

Allow Your Workforce to Rapidly Transfer and Collect Data with a Reliable Wireless Network

A fast and reliable network is paramount for allowing employees to perform daily tasks and functions. More precisely, having the proper wireless infrastructure will serve as the backbone for the performance of IT assets, enterprise communications, and overall daily operations.

The infrastructure of wireless networks is broken down into hardware, software, and services.


The hardware component of the wireless network consists of routers, access points, switches, and adapters. All play a critical role in connecting IT assets to your network so they can quickly and securely collect and exchange data.


The software component is the brain that makes your network function. Software in a local area network (LAN) consists of operating systems (OS), firewalls, and other network management and security tools. The Operating System will serve as the core of the LAN and manages devices, programs, and information running throughout the network.


RMS Omega offers a host of wireless services that include site surveys, installation & training, analysis & optimization reports, network design, and cabling.

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RMS Omega Is a Proud Partner of Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks offers industry-leading wireless technology that allows organizations to securely manage limitless amounts of data. Extreme is a recognized leader for both wired and wireless LAN and WLAN infrastructure.

RMS Omega and Extreme Networks work together to build customer-driven networks. Extreme NetworksWe work with you through design, implementation, training, and ongoing support in order to give you a fast and reliable wireless network that produces the results you need.