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Preempt the Challenges of Device Management

Learn how Deeper Visibility Leads to Tighter Control

A device management solution enables businesses to gain the same level of intelligence and connectivity from their enterprise devices as from their consumer smartphones and tablets. They don’t just want devices; they want an interconnected network of technology that collects and delivers actionable data.

This shifts the responsibility, and burden, for device uptime from operations squarely onto the shoulders of IT. Maintaining devices is no longer an ancillary task, but a core IT function. It’s the IT department that must set up, secure, and maintain devices to maximize their performance and availability. As large corporations continue to amass staggering quantities of units spread across disparate locations, the strain on IT increases. For mid-size businesses with lean IT resources, the undertaking is no less difficult. Add to that the rapid pace of evolving technology, and the need for simplified management is only exacerbated.

When it comes to device management, efficiency and effectiveness are the twin results of visibility and control. Whether companies opt to centrally or locally manage, their objective should be to find such a unifying solution that consolidates devices, and peers deeply into their every aspect, and offers IT the ability to govern each. As the sheer number of devices grows, organizations would be wise to streamline management, lest they risk costs and timelines spiraling out of control.

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