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Is Your Wireless Network Industrial Strength?

Strengthen Your Wireless Network Connection

wireless connection strength helps operations rfid forkliftWhen it comes to a wireless network, most industrial environments lack the strength to keep up with mobility technology. Organizations’ focus on improving office WLANs has left their industrial counterparts in the dust. They’re discovering that while they’ve been concentrating elsewhere, their industrial wireless communications needs have substantially grown and radically changed. Existing networks no longer support the operational performance that is required to thrive in a changing market.

Industrial wireless network operations and IT managers face a host of difficult challenges that are unique to industrial environments. Overcoming these challenges is what an industrial-strength wireless network is all about. You need a system that’s tough, intelligent, and reliable to meet and master a host of major communications challenges you don’t find in carpeted spaces.

As you examine your current industrial wireless system or plan a new or upgraded network, you must understand the specific challenges you will face and the capabilities your network will need to overcome them. Thoughtful and thorough answers to these five questions will help you ensure that your wireless network is truly industrial strength.

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