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Keeping Sushi at the Peak of Freshness with Mobile Computers


Keeping Sushi at the Peak of Freshness with Mobile Computers

Sushi Provider, Genji brings distribution in-house, forming GHG Logistics, Selecting RMS Omega and LXE for Mobile Computing and Support in the Warehouse.

Allentown, PA – July 25, 2011 – RMS Omega Technologies, a leading barcode systems integrator, announced today the successful implementation of LXE MX7CS Mobile Computers throughout GHG Logistics’ warehousing and supply chain operations. GHG Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genji, a popular restaurant chain and Whole Foods sushi provider.

GHG Logistics was formed when Genji decided to bring their transportation and distribution in-house for greater control over the quality of their foods. As they built an entire warehouse operation from scratch, GHG Logistics relied on RMS Omega for their mobile computing and data collection needs.

To keep inventory fresh, Genji’s sushi is frequently moved into and out of refrigerators and stored at freezing temperatures. Their 40,000-square-foot warehouse includes a 3,000-square-foot racked refrigeration unit at +38°F and a 2,000-square-foot racked freezer unit at -30°F. It was necessary that GHG’s mobile computers could survive the change in temperatures without fogging, locking up or corroding.

After testing and comparing various devices, GHG ultimately selected the LXE MX7CS Mobile Computer for its rugged durability, ease of use, and proven performance in cold storage environments. To get the solution up and running, RMS Omega configured the computers, performed recommended site coverage for the installed wireless network, and continues to provide ongoing support and repair services for all the devices.

In the months since implementation, GHG Logistics has seen dramatic improvement in accuracy. Richard Siegfried, Senior Manager of Warehousing and Distribution credits in part the mobile computers and how easy they are to learn and use. “From -30°F to ambient temperature is a 100-degree difference,” Siegfried says. “We haven’t seen any fogging on screens, and have had no issues with corrosion. It’s lightweight, and we were very glad to see the ease of battery changing. Workers moving from one temperature zone to another may have their glasses fog up, but the screens remain clear. Everything that was promised, they’ve lived up to.”

GHG Logistics is completely satisfied with both the MX7CS mobile computers and the support they’ve received from RMS Omega. “Pricing is always an important part, but if you can’t service it, what good is it? They’ve been very supportive, and if we have questions, even if it’s something they’re not a part of, they go the extra mile,” Siegfried says.

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