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Making the Case for DC Workflow Automation to Drive Process Optimization

Leverage DC Workflow Automation

DC workflow automation takes center stage as the demands of omni-channel distribution and e-commerce push companies to streamline their end-to-end fulfillment processes. This eliminates costly unproductive time.

To say that technology has infiltrated distribution centers (DCs) around the world over the last few years would be a major understatement.

Research shows that nearly all DCs now use some type of technology solution, with 95% using mobile computers (versus 74% in 2012); 83% relying on scanners (up from 53%); 75% employing mobile printers (versus 58%); and 61% using voice (compared to 24% four years ago).

Unfortunately, most companies have experienced a higher rate of unproductive time due to a lack of visibility and poor monitoring of excess break time. In fact, the average amount of unproductive time per 8-hour work shift has actually increased by 7 minutes since 2012, rising from 15 minutes to 22 minutes. And with approximately 134 mispicks happening every week, the average company is losing $201,000 per year in annual costs associated with those mistakes.

When it comes to quantifying the value that gaining back mere seconds on unproductive workflows presents to overall efficiency, a DC with a minimum of 50 workers is losing close to 3,000 hours a year in productivity. And despite the majority of managers tasked with finding cost savings, nearly one in three (30%) have not conducted a review of workflow process in their DCs within the past year.

The average amount of unproductive time per 8-hour work shift has increased.  Learn how you can avoid this by automating your DC.

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