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Mobile Tablet Computer Boosts Field Service Productivity by 28%


Mobile Tablet Computer Boosts Field Service Tech Productivity by 28%

Field Service Technicians use Mobile Tablet Computers from RMS Omega for Water Tower Inspection and Maintenance Procedures.

ATLANTA, Georgia – September 30, 2010 – RMS Omega Technologies, a leading barcode systems integrator, announced today the successful deployment of Mobile Tablet Computers within Utility Service Company, Inc.’s Field Service department. Utility Service is the largest water tank service firm in the United States, providing all aspects of tank asset management and maintenance including engineering services and renovations. Utility Service worked closely with RMS Omega to select an appropriate mobile computer for their technician’s demanding work environment.

Prior to implementing Mobile Tablet Computers, Utility Service’s Technicians had been using paper forms during the inspection and maintenance process for every water tank. During inspections, the paper reports were often subjected to water, humidity, and harsh outdoor environments. Not only did the Technicians work environment pose a threat to providing accurate reporting, each job site’s documentation then needed to be manually entered into the company’s computer system at the nearest service location. Clerical workers were spending a considerable amount of time typing each report into their software system before sending it back to headquarters.

Utility Service’s engineering team decided to write a software application designed to automate inspection and maintenance procedures to increase accuracy in addition to worker productivity in the field. Once the software application was complete, Utility Service came to RMS Omega for assistance selecting a durable Mobile Tablet Computer. The software application required the use of a full screen and laptops were too difficult to maneuver at the job site. After bringing in several different types of mobile computers for their field crew to test, Utility Service selected the DT Research Web DT 362 Mobile Tablet. With the 362’s light weight form factor and outdoor screen visibility, it was much easier to carry and use on the water tanks while other comparable tablets were over three pounds.

The company’s reporting software was loaded and configured for each Mobile Tablet Computer and Technicians were trained on the new technology. The entire implementation process took approximately 3 months. With the system now in full operation, Technicians report back to their service location each day where their reports and data are synced and automatically updated. Worker productivity has increased by 15-30% and reports are being turned in on time. In addition, Utility Service’s clerical staff no longer has to manually type in the Technicians reports after each inspection saving several hours each day.

 “After 6 months of good comparative analysis, we have seen a 28% increase in throughput since the units were implemented.” – David Al-Khazraji, Utility Service

DT Research Mobile Tablet Computers were selected for Utility Service based on their light weight ergonomic form factor, full screen capability, outdoor-viewable display and durability. DT Research’s Mobile Tablet Computers also offers 1D and 2D barcode reading and a 3 mega-pixel camera. For more information on Mobile Tablet Computers for Field Service, contact RMS Omega.

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