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Rapid Patient Identification & Tracking Solution Developed for Virus Testing

Mobile Patient Identification and Tracking System Developed Amid Increase in COVID-19 Testing

Baltimore, Maryland, April 8, 2020: RMS Omega Technologies announced today the release of a rapidly deployable mobile solution developed for patient registration, positive identification and geographical tracking of virus spread. The solution is easy to implement at mobile, drive-through, and exterior medical testing locations as well as future vaccination sites. The mobile system was developed from collaborative efforts among the company’s hardware and software vendors to further support healthcare organizations in virus testing and tracking efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mobile system allows healthcare workers on the front lines to safely register and identify patients using their driver’s license or government-issued ID. Within four seconds, identification is scanned from the patient’s hand, at a safe distance, using a ruggedized and cleanable mobile device. The software even collects the face image from an ID for visible account verification. An account or patient record is instantly created before specimen collection. Healthcare technicians can record symptoms, print specimen labels using a mobile label printer, and update testing results as they are received.

Once patient data is sent to the hospital system and an account is created, all personal information is cleared from the mobile device for patient safety and security in compliance with HIPAA regulations. When data is entered into the hospital system, patient history and existing records can be reconciled. If necessary, the application can connect with all major hospital and EMR systems including EPIC, Cerner, and more.

The mobile application, CaptureMax Healthcare, also provides essential analytical data using heat maps to track testing results and virus spread using the patient’s permanent address on their government-issued ID. Location access can include personalized views including local, state, or country levels to track and monitor virus spread or vaccination percentages in certain geographic locations. Only certain access levels can reach the database with secure login tiers.

“Over the past 21 years, RMS Omega continues to answer the call of healthcare organizations across the United States and Canada,” says Peter Vatenos, VP of Marketing & Product Development at RMS Omega. “We are always searching for a better way to serve our healthcare partners and assist in the improvement of specimen collection and processing procedures, tracking, and data analytics for increased safety and accuracy.”

RMS Omega’s mobile patient identification system is available now and can be deployed immediately. Click here for more information

About RMS Omega Technologies

RMS Omega is a strategic technology provider for RFID, barcode, advanced data collection and location technology, wireless and mobility solutions. We partner with healthcare organizations throughout the United States and Canada to increase patient safety through vital point of care technology systems.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, RMS Omega is currently supplying labels for COVID-19 test kits, patient wristbands, and essential point of care technology to our healthcare workers on the front lines. We are supporting numerous supply chains with shipping labels, printing supplies, advanced data collection and tracking technologies to help keep the flow of goods to those who need them. We are continuing to provide repair and support services to make sure the organizations we serve are functioning to the best of their ability. As a company, we vow to do anything we can to support our customers in a time of need.

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