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Smartphones in Enterprise Environments – Are your Smartphones Smart Enough?

How Development, Deployment, and Management Capabilities Impact Productivity and Value

BlackBerries popularized the smartphone; then the iPhone revolutionized and consumerized the category. Droids are the hottest models today – but that could change tomorrow. Meanwhile, Windows Mobile models continue to outsell other handheld computers used in the enterprise. There is always plenty of buzz about what makes smartphones cool, but enterprises must focus on what makes users more productive. Using smartphones in enterprise environments could be holding your operations back, which is why companies buy rugged mobile computers. They do so to:Consumer vs Rugged Devices

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower operating costs

Are Smartphones Ready for Development?

Will your workers use smartphones to:

  • Generate work orders, receipts, or invoices
  • Scan shipments to document proof of delivery, manage inventory in a store or on a truck
  • Complete other transactions to support enterprise operations

If so, a suitable off-the-shelf app is probably not available. Applications like these need to be specifically created according to the enterprise’s specific goals, work processes, and information systems. Therefore, ease of application development and integration are very important considerations when comparing smartphones.

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