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The Benefits of a Unified Platform For Mobile Computing – Mobility Edge

Discover the Benefits of Using a Unified Platform for Your Mobile Devices

4 Reasons to Use Mobility Edge for Your Workforce

Today, many organizations have disparate devices in multiple form factors for many uses, a myriad of applications for different tasks, and complex IT infrastructure. These tasks are all generally difficult and costly to maintain. These mobile solutions are also built on different technology platforms that force companies into siloed provisioning and application support. It’s a technology minefield. So, Honeywell has a mobile device unified platform that can help navigate.mobility edge honeywell

Mobility Edge is based upon extensive research gathered from Honeywell’s global community of customers from a range of technologies. They recognized that businesses wanted a unified hardware and software platform for all form factors. So, they created a platform that allowed for rapid deployments, robust performance, and adaptability to changing needs.

Honeywell completely rethought their approach to meeting the challenges of supporting a mobile workforce, and Mobility Edge was the answer. This unified, dynamic platform for mobile computing is designed to:

1. Accelerate deployments
2. Optimize business performance
3. Extend lifecycles
4. Strengthen security

Mobility Edge – Using a Unified Platform

mobility edge unified platformUsing Mobility Edge will help you take control of your enterprise mobile devices. Plus, it’s super easy and will have everything you need for mobile computing! Mobility Edge Unified Platform is composed of:

  • Hardware
  • Operating system image
  • Software Ecosystem

So, with Mobility Edge, your organization will have everything it needs to succeed!

When it comes to hardware, the Mobility Edge platform works on an array of devices with different form factors. Whether your organization or department uses touchscreen devices, mobile computers with a keypad, or a vehicle-mounted computer, you can use the mobility edge. Honeywell has many devices that are on Mobility Edge including:

  • CN80 mobile computer
  • CT60 mobile computer
  • CT40 mobile computer
  • CK65 mobile computer
  • Thor VM1A vehicle-mounted computer

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