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Using the Impact of Color Labeling to Grow and Improve Business

Benefits of Using Color Labeling Solutions

It is estimated that the vast majority of printers used for business and industrial labeling today are black-and-white thermal. Businesses that want to leverage the advantages of color labels must rely on inflexible, large printing presses for production. If the business has significant label variety or wants to leverage color more dynamically, this process proves to be labor-intensive, inefficient, and oftentimes wasteful. A two-step process entails large commercial print runs of color-only labels, maintaining a huge inventory of pre-printed labels, and then using thermal printers to add black text to the pre-printed color labels as needed. When a business modifies a label design or changes the process or product tied to a label application, it faces sunk costs for the pre-printed color labels and additional costs for producing new ones.

Color Labeling SolutionsMany businesses live with this reality because they are unaware of recent advances in color label printing technology. It is now possible to produce on-demand labels containing both color and monochrome from a single printer, eliminating the need for a lengthy, two-step labeling process.

These innovations provide new ways to benefit from color labeling. Scientific studies validate that color can be beneficial to memory, learning, recognition, and recall, among other cognitive functions. With the capability to easily and economically print labels on demand, businesses can focus on using color to achieve strategic goals, such as strengthening brands and improving operations. Color becomes an asset to grow the business rather than merely a cost to control.

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