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Achieve Measurable Improvements and Productivity Gains Through Mobility Innovations

Mobile workforce automation is essential. Whether in harsh environments, such as remote rural locations, or less hostile environments, such as homes and other in-premise facilities, service and sales companies are facing common process improvement objectives:Honeywell's Dolphin in the Field - Mobile Workforce Automation

  • Automate tasks to reduce the use of paper and non-productive form filling.
  • Ensure on-time arrival and update field worker schedules in real-time.
  • Optimise worker assignment and asset uptime to achieve service level agreement (SLA) compliance.
  • Perform more asset inspections and achieve regulatory compliance with existing resources.
  • Support reactive-, preventive-, predictive and reliability-centered service models.
  • Increase revenues through up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Reduce re-visits due to wrong inventory.
  • Obtain real-time performance data for continuous improvement.
  • Meet lone worker safety obligations.
  • Capture and store proof of location, attendance, identity, and condition.
  • Capture and store proof of compliance, performance, service, safety and payment.

Innovation in the field of mobility technology has enabled significant improvement in mobile workforce management. This paper will discuss critical technology elements of a successful mobile deployment, providing field sales and field service organisations with insight on how to achieve measurable improvement and productivity gains.

Technology for Mobile Workforce Automation

Recent mobility technology advances have significantly improved the way mobile workforces are managed. Service level agreement compliance, worker duty of care, and accuracy of service/sales/ asset records are some of the key investment drivers in mobile workforce solutions. The following critical technology elements of a successful mobility deployment are covered in this paper:99EX Mobile Computer

  • Real-time data for decision support
  • Intelligent worker routing and alerting
  • Instant remote worker communication
  • Simple capture of asset and inventory data
  • Mobile device reliability in the field
  • Ease of use through ergonomic design
  • High-quality imaging, photography and video
  • Remote mobile estate device management

Download this white paper to learn about the benefits of having mobile workforce automation.  You will also learn about recommended devices for your employees out in the field.

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