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Learn a Little Bit About Barcode History

Welcome to Datalogic ADC’s The Art of the Code, a reference tool created for both bar code beginners and IT veterans alike. We will be your guide as we embark on a tour designed to provide you with essential information about bar code data capture technology to bring back to your business – whatever it may be. By completing this tour, you will:

  • Understand different bar code symbologies and their applications
  • Be able to determine the right symbology for your business /application
  • Decide which printing technique will be right for your selected symbology

Since its first scan, the bar code has revolutionized the retail industry and caused rapid adoption of bar code technology to improve productivity and advance inventory management while, at the same time, reducing pricing errors and the physical strain on cashiers. The same benefits have been realized upstream through the supply chain, from the factory floor to the retail outlet, while also creating huge waves in other industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance and entertainment.

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