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Cabling – Connecting Wires in a Wireless System

Even a wireless system has some wires, and as we all know, wires can get messy.  Your wireless access points have to be connected to a switch (or a hub) which is then connected to the Ethernet network.  Both connections to and from the switch are hard, wired connections.

RMS Omega’s radio frequency (RF) technicians have many years of experience cabling for wireless systems.  They understand the importance of cabling and how to get it done right. Often times getting to the right connection points can become difficult. Let our RF technicians do the dirty work for you, they’ll climb up into the rafters or ceilings in your facility, run cables and install, fix and connect your networks for strong and reliable coverage.

Make sure your wireless cabling is done correctly to experience the strongest wireless connection.

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RMS Omega offers the following professional wireless infrastructure services…

In addition to wireless services, we also offer support and deployment services.  Learn more!

Why work with RMS Omega?

RMS Omega’s RF Engineers have many years of experience in the wireless business. That is what differentiates RMS from the competition. They are aware that different environments require different solutions and that every facility is unique. Even when problems arise, they are determined to find a solution and make your wireless system work to its full potential.