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Voice Enablement Technology

handheld mobile computing deviceUpgrade your mobile data collection with voice technology.

High quality voice applications are easy to install and no longer need special servers and mobile devices. A voice solution is all about choice. You decide if you will use existing or new mobile computers, what application functions are most useful, and what kind of integration works best with other business systems. Our specialists will work with you to design an end-to-end voice enabled system for data capture, transmission, storage and retrieval.


Our team will start with a review of your operations to help you develop a list of the features you need in an effective voice application such as:

  • Flexibility including one-on-one or one-to-many voice functionality, data entry via voice alone or combined with manual or scanned data on screen and voice interaction with text on screen
  • Capacity for adding voice function to existing apps, eliminating the need to purchase new ones
  • Compatibility with devices from various manufacturers and with different designs such as standard handheld computers, gun shaped devices, vehicle mount and wearable computers
  • Capacity to integrate data with a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) system such as accounting, purchasing, security and any other back office business information system
  • Application development tools so you can maximize voice function from front line input to integration with back office systems
  • Robust universal voice recognition so there is no need for individual voice profiling or using a specific vocabulary
  • Speech analytics to track steps and timing of processes driven by voice commands

A real bonus is that the voice recognition and speech synthesis can run directly on the mobile computing devices. These functions are not overloading the WLAN and compromising the integrity of the data transmission.


Voice technology is a cost effective, time saving solution for supporting your day to day operations in warehouses, healthcare facilities, retail outlets or any other industry that relies on shared information.

The benefits of voice enablement are immediately obvious to front line users, supervisors and back office personnel and include:

  • Increased accuracy in information flow from data capture to transmission, storage and retrieval
  • Increased worker productivity; e.g. faster picking in warehouses, fewer return visits to complete off site repair jobs
  • Increased safety as the front line worker does not have to continually be looking up and down to a handheld screen
  • Increased efficiency in network traffic as voice communication does not consume server capacity but is loaded directly on mobile devices
  • Easier for front line workers to communicate immediately with supervisory or back office resource personnel; e.g. field technician seeking management approval to proceed with changed work order; nurse needing immediate advice on patient procedure
  • Increased capacity to monitor and evaluate the work flow and to manage individual performance with data from the speech analytics

Overall, it is the stellar flexibility of voice enablement that sells the technology. You can choose one modality or a combination that makes the most sense in a particular situation. You might not always choose voice but you know it’s available when it is needed.

When you are ready to implement voice technology into your barcode data collection system, contact us!

Featured Solution Components

  • Voice enabled mobile computer for the warehouse

    Voice Enabled Data Collection Software

    Add Voice to Existing Data Collection Applications with Wavelink Speakeasy.

    Wavelink’s range of voice applications deliver reduced operational costs through increased productivity, accuracy, safety and implementation. The Speakeasy suite of products were specifically created to allow organizations to add voice capability (thin or thick client) to mobile devices quickly and easily.

  • industrial applications voice

    Deployment Services - Mobile Voice Recognition

    RMS Omega can take your mobile devices and give them the ability to become voice activated, which means the user can speak to the device instead of entering data manually.

    RMS Omega will install the software, set up and configure all of your devices for you. Contact us to learn more!

  • Handheld Mobile Computers

    Handheld Mobile Devices

    RMS Omega can help you add voice functionality to your existing handheld devices. RMS Omega offers a wide range of handheld mobile computers with voice and data collection functionality, including barcode scanning and image capture as well as wireless networking capabilities.

    Learn more about handheld mobile computers. 

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