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The Future of Fulfillment: On-Demand Webinar Series

The Future of Fulfillment

An on-demand webinar series brought to you by AccuSpeechMobile and RMS Omega Technologies.

Future of fulfillment voice automation

In this four-part series, our panel of experts will discuss how voice automation is an integral component in solving the present and future challenges within different verticals:


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Transportation & Logistics

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Food & Beverage

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Learn about the industries facing today’s most significant supply chain issues and how voice automation can help overcome these operational barriers. In this webinar series, you will learn how harnessing the power of voice-enabled technology across your supply chain network can help you cope with today’s inevitable supply chain challenges.

Our Expert Panel

Bob Bova

CEO, AccuSpeechMobile

As the President & CEO of AccuSpeechMobile, Bob is a seasoned industry expert with over a decade of experience helping customers voice-enable distribution center workflows.

Bryan Hooper

Senior Account Manager, RMS Omega Technologies

As a Senior Account Manager at RMS Omega, Bryan has gained over 25 years of experience in automated data collection strategies. He works with several large automotive manufacturers and retail distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

Josh Cooney

Senior Systems Engineer, RMS Omega Technologies

As a Senior Systems Engineer at RMS Omega, Josh has gained over 18 years of IT experience and specializations in Zebra, Honeywell, SOTI, Ivanti, and many other hardware and software applications. His expertise spans solutions including but not limited to wireless, Android migration, cold storage environments, warehouse automation, and all aspects of customer deployments.

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