• Strategic Tracking Solutions

    Supplies Pros by RMS Omega helps companies design, deploy, manage, and service labeling, tagging, and wristbanding solutions that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

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Industry Applications

  • Healthcare Bringing Technology to the Point of Care.

    Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is essential. From patient identity to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence, we understand how important printing supplies are.

  • Transportation & Logistics Improving Operations With Quality Supplies

    Customers expect service and information instantly, staffs are under pressure and overextended, and compliance is complex. Make your transportation and logistics processes as smooth as possible.

  • Warehousing Streamlining the Supply Chain

    When it comes to warehousing, it's important to be well-connected. Having visibility into all your assets and people as well as processing times is crucial in order to have an integrated, productive, profitable, and comp


Application Solutions

  • Asset Tracking

    Knowing where your assets are is essential since the price of misplaced or lost assets is high. So, save both time and money by using an asset tracking solution.

  • Patient Identification

    Patient information can be easily accessed with the use of healthcare grade wristbands and a positive patient identification solution.

  • Distribution

    When it comes to distribution, there's always pressure to quickly fulfill orders while optimizing operations.