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Mobile Voice Productivity Software with AccuSpeech

Voice Automation: Optimize Your Workflows

Affordable Voice Productivity To Improve Your Bottom Line

Distribution centers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers are all looking to optimize their processes. At the same time, many are looking to negate high costs when it comes to upgrading the IT behind their current operations. AccuSpeechMobile’s voice and automation solution can transform and optimize your existing supply chain operations. By using the right software, you won’t have to change your applications or risk the safety and functionality of your existing IT investments.

voice productivity software

RMS Omega and its voice solution partner AccuSpeechMobile offer voice productivity software that returns a quick ROI with minimal changes to existing infrastructure. More importantly, we help distribution centers capture a competitive advantage through greater output and also accuracy with voice-based processes.

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Benefits Of Voice-Enabling WMS Applications

Voice productivity software from AccuSpeechMobiles has been shown to deliver the following benefits:

  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Reduced errors
  • Minimized time to train new staff by 60%
  • Improved inventory control
  • Decreased Shipping Costs

Voice Picking was Yesterday, Power Automation is Today

Power automation allows users to achieve levels of mobile workforce productivity not attainable through basic voice enablement.  So, what is power automation? Simple. It’s the combination of both voice and automation. Through power automation the following you can achieve many positive results including:

  • Voice-enabled existing mobile applications
  • Increase additional productivity
  • Increase data integrity by further eliminating human intervention
  • Mobile applications are now stronger, faster, and overall better

Consequently, you can streamline business processes by eliminating processes that were manual and time-consuming.

Turn your Apps into Super Apps with Voice Productivity Software

Streamlining your business processes no longer requires expensive professional services to change your WMS application code.  You can also automate business processes quickly without making application changes or server-based integration, protecting and optimizing your existing processes and investments.

RMS Omega can offer you a patented device-based mobile voice productivity system that wirelessly delivers functionality and automation to your existing mobile application.  The intelligent voice client delivers sophisticated capabilities that increase mobile worker productivity while allowing them to maintain visual and manual focus on their immediate tasks, improving personal safety.

Easy-to-Use Voice Productivity Software

The voice productivity software console provides an easy-to-use, wizard-based, rapid development environment. This system allows your organization to quickly voice-enable and automate your existing mobile applications.  With other software packages, it could take weeks to completely deploy a server-based software system, but with our voice productivity software, it’s possible in only a few hours.  Since the console has wizard-based menus and advanced logic you will be able to quickly create a mobile voice and automation customization file to help optimize your application.  See how AccuSpeech’s voice productivity software stands up against the competition:


Combine Voice & Vision

All organizations depend on a variety of partners to fulfill and deliver orders to satisfy customers, leaving no industry immune to the effects of supply chain shortages. With quick deployment and rapid returns on investment, AccuSpeechMobile delivers the ideal hands-free, hassle-free warehouse solution. Coupled with Zebra Technology’s wearable heads-up display, employees can keep their eyes on the task and hands on the job.

  • Productivity & Accuracy: Voice & vision-guided workflows increase productivity and accuracy, delivering a better work experience for users.
  • Workforce Efficiency: The powerful synergy of audio and visual information boosts accuracy and accelerates picking processes.
  • Improved Safety: Workers’ hands and eyes are free. Task instructions are received through audio and visual directives from the HUD, replacing the need for employees to refer to their mobile devices.
  • Reduced Training Time: Visual and speech-directed workflows guide employees through each task and significantly reduce ramp-up for new team members.
  • Rapid Deployment: No changes or middleware to your back-end system are required.

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Types of Wearable Devices

Wearable ring scanner

Ring Scanners

For high-volume picking and fulfillment workflows. Ring scanners relay data back to mobile computers through a Bluetooth or corded connection.

wearable mobile computers

Wearable Mobile Computers

For better mobile computing ergonomics during manual workflows. Wearable computers can be worn comfortably during labor-intensive tasks.



For voice-guided and voice-assisted workflows. Headsets work with voice software to receive audio prompts from the mobile computer and relay data inputs.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

For complex operations during fulfillment and maintenance tasks. HUD provides visual prompts and directions similar to headsets during voice-assisted tasks.

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