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Datalogic Handheld Scanners

Datalogic Handheld Scanners – For Retail & Industrial Applications

Datalogic handheld scanners offer a wide range of general-purpose and industrial handheld readers. Found in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution centers, Datalogic Scanning products are designed to provide end users with solutions to solve the complex problems of today while anticipating and planning for the future.

General Purpose Scanners

Datalogic’s wide range of general-purpose handheld readers offers users a variety of choices for their data collection activities. Product sets offer conventional laser, linear imaging, or 2D technology and support for linear, 2D label decoding and image capture, plus a variety of features to meet specific scanning needs. For use in simple to complex applications across industries, you will find these handhelds easy to use, fast, accurate, and extremely versatile, while maintaining ergonomic comfort for extended periods of use. 

Rugged Industrial Scanners

Datalogic’s PowerScan® industrial handheld readers are data collection’s definitive example of ruggedness and durability. Often imitated, but never rivaled, the PowerScan products rise above the fray with their outstanding performance and unyielding reliability. Designed for industrial applications or abusive environments, PowerScan readers offer corded and cordless models that include a full array of accessories and options to enhance usability.

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Barcode Scanning Solutions

Our premier partnership with manufacturers and product certifications allow us to offer a variety of barcode scanning devices and solutions to fit your needs.

  • Handheld Scanning

    Handheld scanners enable workers to perform mobile data collection in any business that uses barcodes. Barcode scanners come in a variety of form factors for each business environment.

  • Automated Scanning

    Integrating accurate, automated scanning is key for ensuring quality, updated information on the most essential parts of your business. Automated inventory scanning during receiving and shipping.

  • wearable scanner and HUD picking
    Hands-Free Scanning

    Hands-free scanning technology enables your workforce to accomplish picking, receiving, and other manual tasks without getting bogged down by handheld devices.

  • Barcode Tracking Systems

    Barcode technology is and easy and effective method to track all essential assets throughout your entire operations.

  • Scan gun mobile computer
    Mobile Computing

    Combine barcode scanning with Android Enterprise mobile computing for added functionality. There are a variety of enterprise mobile computers to support each business need.

  • device repair and support
    Manufacturer-Certified Repair

    Certified depot device repair for Zebra, Honeywell, and more. Contact our in-house service team to request an RMA or open a support/troubleshooting call.

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