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Color Label Printers for Food Suppliers & Grocery Retailers

Epson ColorWorks printers provide unmatched quality and durability for vibrant, personalized labels for food suppliers, manufacturers, and grocers.

Reduce Waste & Increase Flexibility With Epson Food Label Printers

A food and grocery label printer requires high-speed and high-quality print technology. With Epson ColorWorks label printers, food suppliers can generate low-cost, vivid color labels in-house to meet food safety and nutritional requirements while making memorable customer impressions. Additionally, by printing packaging labels with Epson, food and grocery suppliers can reduce waste by only printing what they need when they need it. Just-in-time printing with Epson also provides greater control over operations with error and downtime reductions.

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Epson CW4000 color label printer for food and grocery products.

How a Grocery Coop Managed Its Printing Costs Better While Gaining Flexibility.

When a grocery coop needed to find the best-fit printing to maintain an efficient labeling process for a robust point-of-sale system, RMS Omega delivered an easy-to-use solution that resulted in over five times faster printing operations.

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Epson Hunger Mountain Case Study

Get A Custom ColorWorks Label Sample

See your brand come to life through the magic of Epson color label printing. Request a custom label sample today and bring your creative vision to life with high-quality, crisp, colored product labels that showcase your brand, product, and mission.

Epson ColorWorks Printers Portfolio

ColorWorks Label Printers for Food Suppliers & Grocers

Your food label printer should be high-quality and produce vibrant labels that elevate your brand and meet the requirements of detailed product information. Utilizing Epson ColorWorks printers allows for complete control over customization with the speed you need. Additional benefits of Epson ColorWorks label printers include:

  • Lower costs than pre-printed labels.
  • Up to 1200 dpi resolution for enhanced image quality.
  • Reliable, fast print speeds for high-volume printing.
  • Compact, robust design for space-saving.
  • Easy-to-change cartridges with menial maintenance.
  • Highly customizable designs.

With label customization, reduced waste, and lower costs, there are various reasons for food suppliers to do their color label printing in-house. Download our infographic to learn the 5 key benefits of implementing color label printing in grocery and food production operations.

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Epson colorworks grocery label printing benefits

Epson ColorWorks Label Printers for Food Suppliers & Grocers

Epson CW75000GE printing long white colored shoe box label.

ColorWorks C7500

The ColorWorks C7500G delivers on-demand color label printing with speeds up to 11.8″ per second. This model is ideal for high-volume printing applications that use durable, glossy, or customizable labels.

Key Features

  • 1200 x 600 dpi
  • 4.25″ print width
  • 300mm/sec print speed
  • 4 CMYK cartridges
  • 15.4″ x 23.5″ x 15.5″ dimensions
  • USB & Ethernet connectivity

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Epson CW4000 printing Napa Vineyard Merlot wine label.

ColorWorks C4000

The C4000 gloss printer has black ink optimized for gloss label media, which works on the widest variety of substrates. The C4000 is a compact Injet label printer with Epson-engineered PrecisionCore® TFP® printhead technology that delivers ultra-sharp text and precise barcodes.

Key Features

  • Designed for reliability and engineered for demanding applications.
  • UltraChrome® DL pigment ink.
  • Meets BS-5609 Certification.
  • Crisp, photo-quality images.
  • Easy integration with ZPL II & SAP.
  • Wi-Fi capability (optional).

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A Full Solution With Printer Repair & Support

RMS Omega is more than just a vendor. Our Technical Services team provides a variety of printing support and repair options, including onsite repair, depot repair, and managed IT services. When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to helping you improve productivity, lower operating costs, and meet new compliance demands. Contact our industry experts today!

Elevate Grocery Sales with Epson Color Printing

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