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CIWO TECH Device Straps

CIWO Tech, a division of Optech USA, specializes in ergonomic wearable device straps for warehouse and industrial environments.

Ergonomic Wearable Solutions

RMS Omega is proud to partner with CIWO Tech, a division of Optech USA that specializes in ergonomic wearable device straps for warehouse and industrial environments. CIWO Tech wearable device straps are a practical solution for easy scanning access and hands-free capabilities. Equip your mobile workforce with CIWOTech’s versatile wearable device solutions for improved performance, increased productivity, and full-shift comfort.

By working together, RMS Omega and CIWO Tech are making ergonomic hands-free scanning a reality for workers across all industries while addressing key challenges like lost IT, inefficient workflows, human error, and more.

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About CIWO Tech

CIWO Tech, a division of OPtech USA, is a leading player in the Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse, and Office (CIWO) space, and specializes in providing cutting-edge logistics management solutions. The company’s innovative approach involves transforming traditional standalone devices into wearable devices, fostering a paradigm shift in the way businesses handle logistics. With a commitment to enhancing efficiency, safety, and return on investment (ROI), CIWO has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry.

CIWO TECH Product Features


Adjust to fit any body type and change for right-handed or left-handed usage to support a wide range of motion.


Eliminate wasted motions by always having your device at hand instead of constantly picking up/putting down.


Breakaway connectors that hold securely but release automatically (at 8-10lb of force) in an emergency.

Wearable Device Strap Configurations

CIWO TECH’s reliable and ergonomic straps are manufactured in the USA and trusted by large warehouses and fulfillment centers worldwide. These wearable scanner straps increase employee safety and productivity without compromising on quality.

Scanner & Comfort Slings

The adjustable sling attaches to the device through Mini QD Loop Connectors with a breakaway connector for employee safety. CIWO Tech offers a basic scanner sling and a comfort sling with a neoprene shoulder pad and a larger adjustable range.

Scanner Sling

Adjustable Range: 28″ – 66″ (circumference)

Weight: 2 oz.

Comfort Sling

Adjustable Range: 44″ – 82″ (circumference)

Weight: 4.2 oz.

Single Harness

The single harness can be configured for right or left-handed users to support mobile computers, scanners, tablets, and mobile printers. The CIWO Tech single harness comes in several size options including small, regular, large, and extra-large.

Small: Fits Petite Women’s XS – Men’s XXS

Regular: Fits Women’s XS – Men’s M

Large: Fits Men’s M – Men’s XL

Extra-Large: Fits Men’s XXL+

Double Harness

The double harness can carry one device centered in the front or one device on each side. This option is well suited for tablets or mobile computers and printers that are used with each other. The double harness comes in regular or large-size options and can be made from webbing or elastic.

Regular: Women’s XS – Men’s M

Large: Men’s L – Men’s XXL

Fork Lift Strap

The CIWO Tech Forkswift™ strap is the perfect accessory for securing devices on forklifts and other vehicles. The adjustable elastic retaining strap provides a complete range of movements yet stays out of the way when operating the forklift.

Wrist Strap

The elastic and adjustable wrist strap provides hands-free use of scanners by connecting the device around a worker’s arm with a Uni-Cord Loop Connector. The adjustable wrist strap provides an added range of motion with a hook-and-loop fastener.


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