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Device Management for Zebra Printers

SOTI Connect provides enterprise-grade printer management to keep your printers running, updated, and secure throughout their complete lifecycle.

Achieve Total Control Over Your Zebra Printer Deployments

Utilize SOTI Connect to maintain the functionality of your Zebra printers, which are essential to your business.

Zebra’s best-in-class portfolio of mobile and industrial printers is now supported and compatible with SOTI Connect. This IoT management solution enables businesses in many industries to securely and remotely manage devices.

New printers can be promptly deployed and managed with a minimum amount of expensive downtime, which results in lost productivity and income. Thanks to its highly flexible, data-driven architecture, critical printer data, including temperature, battery life, memory capacity, print speed, and more, can be gathered, accessed, and used to take preventative action.

Which Zebra Printers are Supported by SOTI Connect?

  • Desktop Printers:  ZD510-HC, ZD411, ZD421, ZD611, ZD621
  • Industrial Printers: ZT231, ZT411, ZT421, ZT510, ZT600 Series
  • Mobile Printers: ZQ300 Series, ZR300 Series, ZQ500 Series, ZQ600 Series, ZR600 Series
  • Printer Engines: ZE511, ZE521

Download a PDF Overview with All Compatible Printer Model Numbers

Trade-In the Old, Upgrade to the New

To empower your business, trade in your old devices from any manufacturer for the newest in rugged, effective, and productive Zebra performance. You can trade in your current devices and earn a rebate to put towards a next-generation purchase with the Go Zebra Trade-In Program.

Maximize the ROI of Your Printer Investment with SOTI

From a single point of control, you can manage numerous makes and models of industrial and mobile printers, no matter where they are located. Deploy printers faster and get total visibility into their health and performance status. Reduce downtime alongside maintenance costs, repair costs, and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Quick Deployment

As soon as your Zebra printers are connected to the internet, customize them to suit the specific requirements of your company. Instead of taking hours or days to print and set them up, do it extremely rapidly.

Collect Data & Automate Issue Resolutions

Using data about device temperature, memory and data utilization, and printing speed, proactively take action to increase the efficiency and return on investment (ROI) of your Zebra printers. If an issue is detected, SOTI Connect automatically sends remediation actions to resolve it quickly and minimize costly downtime.

Security Protection

Security flaws in printers cause data breaches for 60% of firms worldwide. To prevent data threats, use SOTI Connect to update firewall configurations and install security updates on your Zebra printers.

Simplified Optimization

With SOTI Connect, Zebra printers can automatically check for and install firmware and operating system (OS) upgrades, freeing up your IT personnel to focus on more pressing problems.

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