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SOTI Connect: Printer Management & Deployment

Manage Enterprise Printers with SOTI Connect

The effectiveness of barcode and RFID data collection hinges upon reliable printer and label performance. SOTI Connect enables remote management, configuration, and security for enterprise mobile and industrial printers. This gives IT teams a central pane of glass for managing a variety of makes and models for enterprise printers throughout the organization.

In turn, you can deploy technology faster and gain visibility into printer health and performance. This results in reduced TCO and downtime and more proactive IT management.

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Maximize Printer ROI with SOTI Connect

Quick Deployment

As soon as your Zebra printers are connected to the internet, customize them to suit the specific requirements of your company. Instead of taking hours or days to print and set them up, do it extremely rapidly.

Collect Data & Automate Issue Resolutions

Using data about device temperature, memory and data utilization, and printing speed, proactively take action to increase the efficiency and return on investment (ROI) of your Zebra printers. If an issue is detected, SOTI Connect automatically sends remediation actions to resolve it quickly and minimize costly downtime.

Security Protection

Security flaws in printers cause data breaches for 60% of firms worldwide. To prevent data threats, use SOTI Connect to update firewall configurations and install security updates on your Zebra printers.

Simplified Optimization

With SOTI Connect, Zebra printers can automatically check for and install firmware and operating system (OS) upgrades, freeing up your IT personnel to focus on more pressing problems.

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We Provide A Complete Printing Solution

Deploying new printers and software is hard, with RMS Omega it doesn’t have to be. RMS Omega is a total solutions provider, here to accompany your process from start to finish, and support your operations after deployment.

  • Managed IT Services

    With device management services, our support team can perform remote centralized IT administration over your mobile computers, printers, and more.

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  • Labeling Compliance & Supplies Management

    RMS Omega's custom supplies and services ensure that you never run out of essential consumables.

    Learn More :Labeling Compliance & Supplies Management
  • Repair & Support

    Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

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Manage Enterprise Printers with SOTI Connect

Between long ticket resolution times, unreported device issues, and poor IT performance, many hidden costs pile up when technology isn’t monitored. Take the burden off of your IT teams by combining remote support and proactive device management with SOTI Connect.

Explore The SOTI One Platform

SOTI ONE brings it all together – connects it, simplifies it, and makes your business mobility smarter, faster, and more reliable.

SOTI ONE is an innovative platform that reduces the cost, complexity, and downtime of business-critical mobility. It destroys functional silos and enables integrated solutions that build apps faster, secures and manage all mobile devices and IoT endpoints, and delivers actionable insights. When everything is connected, SOTI ONE makes it simpler, smarter, and more reliable.

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