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SOTI XSight: Diagnostic Device Intelligence

An MDM That Combines Analytics & Remote Troubleshooting

Whenever devices go down, frustration, operating costs, and lost productivity go up. Fortunately, SOTI XSight grants IT staff a solution for rapid troubleshooting, total visibility, and data-driven management over enterprise devices. Integrating with SOTI MobiControl, XSight empowers IT teams with next-level diagnostic intelligence and support. Furthermore, XSight works on any OS and device form factor!

SOTI Xsight Infographic

Out of the Box Operational Intelligence

Unlike other MDM solutions, XSight proactively monitors and analyzes the core vitals of mobile technology performance. The software provides real-time visibility and visual dashboards for battery health, apps and data usage, cellar coverage, and more. In turn, companies can instantly manage their mobile devices more proactively, and correct issues before they become bigger problems.

Battery Dashboards

Avoid costly replacements and get the most out of your battery’s lifespan with data analytics for charging cycles, temperature, and battery failure warnings.

App Dashboards

Get a breakdown of which apps are consuming the most data, storage, battery life, and more. Efficiently manage devices by prioritizing essential apps and identifying which ones can be removed.

Cellular Coverage Dashboards

View heat maps to determine which areas are providing optimal device connectivity and where there may be potential dead zones.

SOTI XSight Management Tools

By and large, SOTI XSight provides both preventative maintenance and remote IT support when the hardware is not physically present. Additional features include:

  • Real-time remote access.
  • Ability to draw on the screen to illustrate solutions.
  • Audio and video recording of support calls.
  • Ability to document recordings and attach them to tickets, ensuring consistency for future support calls.
  • Easy file access for troubleshooting. In other words, seamlessly upload, download, and retrieve logs and other important device data files.
  • Integrated ticketing with screenshots, video recordings, snapshots, and log file documentation.

Software Demo and Q&A

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Manage Your Mobile Enterprise IT with SOTI

Just because mobile devices go down, doesn’t mean your enterprise has to be left in the dark. A bonafide MDM solution like SOTI XSight is essential for any modern enterprise looking to streamline IT support and lower the total cost of ownership of their technology investment. Between long ticket resolution times, unreported device issues, and poor IT performance, there are many hidden costs that pile up when technology isn’t monitored. Take the burden off of your IT teams by combing remote support, diagnostic intelligence, and proactive device management. Contact us for a free demo of SOTI XSight today!

SOTI XSight Software

In addition to remote troubleshooting, SOTI XSight offers a suite of features and benefits, including:

  • Operational Intelligence – Gather metrics and report on the performance of all mobile devices so you can identify the cause of critical issues and improve ROI on your mobile technology investment.
  • Advanced Diagnostics – Obtain a complete view of your entire mobile fleet or just a single device. Access log files, run scripts and download files to understand how devices are performing in the field.
  • Automated Monitoring – Create customized device metrics and notifications in order to be alerted of potential issues as quickly as possible.
  • Incident Management – Seamlessly troubleshoot with remote device control. Document issues via screenshots, video recording, and device data snapshots.

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